XP SP2 hangs for 1-2 minutes after resume from suspend mode & blocks Mac OS X

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by intimus, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. intimus


    I'm running Windows XP SP2 within Parallels 3.0 on a Macbook Pro (10.4.10) with 2 GByte of memory and a 200 GB disk.

    Once it's runinng, I'm happy and can work within Parallels. When suspending Parallels, e.g. when shutting down Parallels, the turning parallels logo takes about 5-10 seconds, which seems normal to me.

    When re-invoking Parallels, it takes about 5-10 seconds to bring the OS windows (XP) back up (when Parallels was in OS Window mode before suspending), but then it takes a couple of minutes where nothing seems to happen within Parallels or Windows XP. No "LED" flickers at the Parallels status bar, but the rest of the Macbook Pro gets frozen for longer periods, CPU activity sometimes goes up to 100% and there is a lot of VM page-in/page-out activity. After some minutes, the guest OS is up and running again and everything's fine.

    Booting XP within Parallels seems to be faster than resume of a suspended Windows XP/Parallels. However, sometimes after shutting down XP within Parallels, restarting Parallels and then suspending and resuming the VM, it seems to be much faster.

    Anyone with similar experience? It becomes quiet annoying...

    Thank you,
  2. kastorff


    I've recently noticed a similar "timeout" with my Parallels 2.5 build 3214 XP SP-2 VM when resuming from suspend. Everything on the Macbook is frozen for a period, although I haven't timed it.
  3. darreln


    I am experiencing the exact same issue, but running Vista. Doesn't look like it is an OS thing, seems more like an issue with the Parallels app in my opinion.


  4. mkummer


    I have this effect since I use Parallels. It is better, if I dont have the Cinema 30 attached to my MacBook Pro. Otherwise the resume works quite fast since version 2.5 here...

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