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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Joshua Hauck, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. Joshua Hauck

    Joshua Hauck


    I have a question about Hiding/Showing the Windows Taskbar with Spaces Enabled.

    First of all, Yes...I know that I can manually select whether to Show/Hide the Windows Taskbar in the program's application menu.

    So here's my situation: With Spaces on, pressing Opt+2 takes me right to Parallels and pressing Opt+1 takes me to Finder (hiding all of the documents/program running in parallels). Whenever I re-open Parallels 4.0 (and restart XP) in coherence mode, not only does pressing Opt+1 take me to the OS X Finder, but it will automatically hide the Windows Taskbar. I find this feature awesome because I like to keep OS X and Windows separate while switching to both systems constantly. Sadly, it doesn't stay like this for long; after a few switches, the XP Taskbar will be there in all of the spaces.

    My main question is: Is there a way where I can permanently get the Taskbar to hide after leaving Space 2 (Opt+2) like it did before? I would like to know how or even if I could do it general.

    Thank You,

    Josh H

    P.S. - This question might be more useful in the Apple Discussion Forum, but I don't want to post it there until I get an answer here.
  2. supertechkid


    I am also kinda looking for something similar to this. Currently with Parallels 5, running the VM allows you access to everything you could possibly need from the taskbar, and I was wondering if there might be a way to set an option to just completely hide the taskbar when running in coherence or crystal. I have attempted to just set the taskbar to autohide, but I keep having issues where the setting keeps reverting to displaying the taskbar all the time.


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