XP VM fails to find & boot from HDD since build 9310 update

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    Hi folks,
    Following the latest Parallels update, my XP VM now fails to see its HDD file and after a long time, reaches the point where it expects to start OS installation. I have reported the problem - ref 2225189.

    Searching the forums, I have found similar problems and suggested fixes - such as confirming file/folder permissions. However, I am seeing different error numbers in the parallels.log file (attached)...

    17:30:14.817 F /dimg:3709:3707/ Error initializing for the /Users/Keith/Documents/Library/Parallels/winxp.pvm/windows.hdd/windows.hdd.0.{9d5e8763-3fde-4ebb-a078-21fc48827ecd}.hds
    17:30:14.858 F /dimg:3709:3707/ Error 0x80021014 when opening the disk. Releasing image.
    17:30:14.989 F /vdisk:3709:3707/ Can't open uid {9d5e8763-3fde-4ebb-a078-21fc48827ecd} name /Users/Keith/Documents/Library/Parallels/winxp.pvm/windows.hdd/windows.hdd.0.{9d5e8763-3fde-4ebb-a078-21fc48827ecd}.hds Error 0x80021014
    17:30:14.990 F /vdisk:3709:3707/ Error at operation complete. Code St 0x80019009
    17:30:15.044 F /vdisk:3709:3707/ OpenDisk() returned error 0x80019009
    17:30:15.563 F /LocalDevices:3709:3707/ [AppHDD] Can't open requested image [0x80019009].

    There are also lots of references to 'unfinished operations' and files not found, but my VM was working OK on the previous version and in a stopped state when I upgraded.
    Any ideas?

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