"Your Product Activation Key Reached Its Activation Limit..."

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by Gamesurgeon, May 14, 2014.

  1. Hi, we've checked this issue with your subscription, please activate it again and check the issue.
  2. infomatique

    infomatique Bit poster

    Purchased subscription a few days ago and immediately updated to ver 11 and then my new iMac 5K arrived. Migrated from old to new. Deleted parallels from old machine but now I cannot use parallels on new machine as I am getting the following error message "Your product license has reached the activation limit. Contact the Parallels support team for assistance". I would have thought that the purpose of an annual subscription would have been to easily transfer from one machine to another ... is this not the case.
  3. ChrisD3

    ChrisD3 Bit poster

    I'm having this same "Your product license has reached the activation limit. Contact the Parallels support team for assistance." error message. I just moved to a new MacBook Pro laptop today after purchasing Parallels 11 yesterday. I deleted the software from the old MacBook Pro, but that didn't work. How do I reset the license?
  4. Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. We've reset your key, please activate it again.
  5. Hi, we've reset your key, please check the issue and activate your parallels desktop app again.
  6. Jigs Gaton

    Jigs Gaton Product Expert

    Count me in here too! Maheesh, can you send me a private message as well? thx! Love the PD. Ps. I am on the pro plan but there is no phone number to call. perhaps you can add that as well to the private message :)
  7. Hi, I've done the same for you. Please activate again and check the issue.
  8. IlJ

    IlJ Bit poster

    Please help me. I upgraded my Mac and tried to install Parallels 10, but it is giving me an error when I use my activation code. It tells me I've reached the activation limit and I need to contact either Parallels or use a valid key. What should I do?
  9. JajaH

    JajaH Bit poster

    I am having similar issues. I have an iMac and MBPro and I have always used PD on both my systems with my license. I upgraded to the Pro version a few days ago; am I now to pay for a license for each of my systems? I am hoping that is not the case.
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  10. Hi, we've reset your key, please activate again and check your inbox for more info.
  11. Hi, please activate your Parallels Desktop app again and check the issue.
  12. JajaH

    JajaH Bit poster

    Tried it and it worked on the laptop now it doesn't on the iMac. So you have a one license one system policy because my iMac said it was marked for deletion.
  13. MaciejJ

    MaciejJ Bit poster

  14. Hi, yes we have 1 license for one machine, but if you would like to run Parallels Desktop on several Mac you need to choose the number of Hosts during purchase.
    Now yo have only 1 host that's why you cannot run Parallels Desktop on both of your computers.
  15. Hi, could you please provide me with your Parallels Desktop 9 license key (in private message ) and we will reset it for your.
  16. Eric6

    Eric6 Bit poster

    Same problem here. It's a nightmare to fix this as all the links redirect me to buy the new version.

    I need to use my PD 9 in my new macbook pro. I erased and sold my old macbook.

    Please fix this
  17. Hi, we've reset your license key, please also check your inbox for more information.
  18. RavG

    RavG Bit poster

    Hi there, same issue.
    Any chance i can get my activation cleared so i can re-install.

  19. TedO

    TedO Bit poster

    I am having the same problem. Transferring license to a new computer and I am unable to activate.
  20. Hi, could you provide me with your license key (in private) please? Then I'll be able to help you.

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