"Your Product Activation Key Reached Its Activation Limit..."

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  1. JesusC

    JesusC Bit poster

    Hello Parallels Support,
    I have just upgraded to a new 3 mac and must reactivate Parallels 11 on that machine. Can you please deactivate 1 of my 3 licenses key for my old mac so I can use it on my new mac. Thanks. @jesuscandal
  2. DennisS1

    DennisS1 Bit poster

    Hello Support,
    I just had my logic board replaced in my MacBook Pro and now I can't get into my Parallels 9 Desktop. I get message that "your product activation key reached its limit". Please help
  3. RamanaM

    RamanaM Bit poster

    I need to xfer my activation form Parallel Desktop 11 from old iMac to a new Mac. I thought deactivate from old and reactivate on new should be simple and straight ]forward, but that is not the case. How do I?

    I tried online help, but that does not seem to work.

    $ prlsrvctl deactivate-license
    Failed to deactivate the license: Unable to deactivate the product. Your type of license cannot be deactivated.

    I keep getting the following on the new mac.
    "Your Product Activation Key Reached Its Activation Limit..."
  4. Ok, but please let us know on which Mac you would like to deactivate your license: MacBook or one of iMac?
  5. Hi, we've change the internal settings of your key, now you can activate it on you new Mac.
    Please also check you inbox for more information about your keys.
  6. Hi the $ prlsrvctl deactivate-license doesn't work for the Parallels Desktop 11, we've change the internal settings of you key, please check the issue.
  7. DennisS1

    DennisS1 Bit poster

    Thank you. It is now working again.
  8. Great! If you have any additional questions, please let us know.
  9. TonyLewis

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    Hello. I am having this same problem Just restored from a Time Machine backup to my new Macbook pro and can not activate Parallels 11 on the new machine. Can you please help?
  10. Hi, We've done it for you, please check.
  11. XAVIERS1

    XAVIERS1 Bit poster

    Hello.. I am also experiencing the same issue and would appreciate some assistance here - support ticket 2169702.
    I bought the licence upgrade to 11 version on the past August. My product is in Spanish, the message is:

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  12. BryanCar

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    Sadly after many many years its time to bid Parallels goodbye. Their licensing policies go back to the dark ages. I have just spent another hour getting my activation code reset after restoring my operating system. Since I beta test operating systems I am constantly load and reloading and each time I get the infuriating excess activations block. Since Parallels management seem not to care one jot about this matter, it is time to look elsewhere. Farewell!
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  13. Please completely uninstall the Parallels Desktop 11 using this KB and then execute the following command in Terminal:

    sudo rm -rf /Library/Preferences/Parallels/licenses.xml

    Then install the Parallels Desktop application and check the issue.
  14. KleitonS

    KleitonS Bit poster

    Hello everybody.

    Sad to hear that there's a lot of people with the same problem as mine. Maybe Parallels should consider change this policy.

    Ok, I have the same problem here. New mackbook pro 2015 with the same license issue.
    Can you guys please help me with that?
    Support Ticket: 2170340
  15. AnthonyS4

    AnthonyS4 Bit poster

    I am having the same problem as a lot of users, new macbook pro,and I have reached my liecence limit.
  16. DonaldF1

    DonaldF1 Bit poster

    I am now having the same issue, it came back, this is very frustrating indeed.
  17. wcameronmartin

    wcameronmartin Bit poster

    I wiped my other computers that had Parallels installed and I got a new computer and its telling me that I've reached the maximum number activations?! I bought this through my University Online Store, do I need to register a complaint with them, or can you help me??
  18. Hi, we've change the internal settings of your key, please activate your Parallels Desktop application again.
  19. Hi, I've checked you're support request, and our Support Team already reset it. Please check the issue and let us know the results.
  20. Hi, we've reset your key, please activate it again.

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