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  1. I want to connect to a bluetooth device from win 7, but when I click on Devices/USB/Apple Bluetooth USB Host Controller,
    then I am presented with a message box that tells me to insert he Mac OS X installation DVD and install a driver.

    Unfortunately I do not have an installation DVD, none came with my mac, and I am very very new to macs so I do not know how to make one. I found a description on the net, but the resulting DVD contains the Mountain Lion installation package, and I cannot find the /Drivers/Apple/AppleBluetoothInstaller.exe mentioned in the popup box.

    The message box refers to a knowledge base article (, but that doesn't help.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    What Mac do you have? What type of BT device are you trying to use? If it's just a mouse or keyboard, you don't need to install the BT drivers.

    That KB article is a little old. You can get the Boot Camp Bluetooth drivers you need following this article from Apple:

    Then follow Parallels instructions using the disk you burn.

  3. I have a Macbook pro 13" bought last week.
    It is astronomy mount, so not really a standard usb device :)

    I have a usb bluetooth dongle that I can use, but thought that it would be much nicer if I could use the inbuilt Bluetooth.
    Thanks for the link, I will try that.

  4. I did as it said in the link and found the exe file. However I get a message that I need the 64 bit version. Any idea where I can find that?


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