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  1. Hello,
    since I installed PD 6.0 update (build 11828 on Mac OSX 10.6.5, guest OS is Windows 7 32 bit) I started to enter into BSOD caused by the new audio driver. In the past, using the AC'97 audio driver, I never had any kind of problem.

    This is the third time I run into a BSOD. Here is the three occurences:

    1. Trying to run the audio wizard from Adobe Connect Pro plugin
    2. Trying to set audio properties from skype Settings
    3. Trying to open microphone settings under Control Panel, Audio, Microphone

    It looks like there are some problems using the Apple built-in microphone. On my guest, the microphone does not work and if I try to view/change the microphone settings, not always but in the majority of the cases I run into a BSOD.

    Any idea?
  2. BSOD - confirmed

    Hello, I can confirm that every time I start the Adobe Connect Pro plugin a run into a BSOD (BAD_POOL_CALLER).
    So, at the moment, I cannot use Adobe Connect Pro anymore from my Windows 7 guest os.

    I am sure that someone will look in to this .

  3. Hi everybody. Finally, I found the source of the problem and, of course, the solution.
    In my original installation of PD with Windows 7 as guest, the audio device did not recognized so I downloaded and installed the Realtek AC'97 standard drivers. Everything worked fine until Parallels introduced the new Parallels Audio Controller (x32). Since that update, the Parallels's audio driver entered in conflict with the Realtek's audio driver (and SOUNDMAN) causing BSOD and other problems (with microphone).

    So I removed (uninstalled) Realtek AC'97 drivers, I manually removed SOUNDMAN.EXE, I restarted Windows. After reboot, Windows recognizes and installs Parallels Audio Controller and now everything works fine.

  4. Quick Question

    Are you using bootcamp? If you are....can you delete the realtec drivers without losing audio when booting to bootcamp?
  5. Hi Doug. I'm sorry but I'm not using BootCamp.

  6. Thanks
    Happy New Year and Cheers,

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