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  1. I have a PostgreSQL database running in local on my Mac that I use with GIS softwares.
    It runs perfectly well.

    When i want to connect to it from Windows i just can't…

    Whatever the settings are, networked mapped, bridge, etc… nothing is working.

    Is there any solution?
  2. YanaYana

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    Did you try host only mode? what is the path you are using to connect to the database?
  3. Hi

    Yes I did.

    To connect I use localhost:5432 like on the Mac, it should work with host only mode but it doesn't.
  4. YanaYana

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    you need to use your Windows as a separate PC. Go to Bridget network and use Mac IP to access your DB
  5. And how can I get it?
    Will it be same all the time?
    I tried with my Ethernet IP which is, it is not working.

    Plus, I don't want it to connect to internet…

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  6. YanaYana

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    You need it to be connected to the local network at least. Pleas check network configuration. Or try host only mode - it may also work. If nothing helps - contact support team - this case worth being investigated.
  7. In order to connect PostgreSQL server from windows you have to configure you network as bridge mode and configure same subnet IP address as your MAC. you have o login like this[Mac ip address]:5432. It's may help..

    Thanks [​IMG]

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