Converting VMWare Fusion Virtual Machine to Parallels

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  1. Hello,
    I have downloaded Parallels7 to install on my MAC. I presently have a VMWare Fusion virtual machine running Windows 7. Is there a way to convert to Parallels 7 without having to reinstall windows 7 and reinstall my windows programs currently running on Fusion? Ib believe this is possible going from Parallels to Fusion, but I am new (and excited) about using parallels 7.


  2. Yes you can convert your VMWare image to parallels. Two simple steps:

    1. Make sure that the VMWare image file is not split into 2 GB files (check setting under VMWare)
    2. Select Open in Parallels (after step 1 is complete) and open the VMWare machine. A virtual machine conversion will start automatically.

    That is it. I just converted a 320 GB Windows 7 install from VMWare 3.1 to Parallels 7. It took some time, but everything worked perfect.
  3. Great Relief - Converting from Fusion

    Dear Hojbjerg,
    Thanks so much for your response. I breath a sigh of relief. To reinstall windows 7 and programs was giving me anxiety.

  4. What about VMWare machines that are physical?

    I have a 256GB partition converted into a VMWave Fusion machine.
    Can I convert this into Parallels? I am quite unhappy with freezing every few seconds and other issues in VMWare and I was considering moving to ||
    If I didn't like || can I convert it back to VMWare?

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