ecs 2.0 RC5 works

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  1. Just installed OS/2 ECS 2.0 RC5 as guest on Ubuntu hardy.
    Works perfectly.
    Follow mouse.sys workaround explained in this forum to use mouse pointer integration.
  2. Funny you mention mouse troubles...

    What mouse workarounds are you referring to? I searched this forum for "mouse" and came up with very few hits.

    I am having trouble getting the mouse driver to work with eCS 1.2R.

    The driver for eCS 1.2 gives the following error when booting - see attachment.

    The driver for OS/2 properly loads, looks like it is working, but does not respond to mouse clicks.

    These findings were running on Ubuntu 8.04 and the 2232 build that works with 8.04.

    I am also running SNAP 3.1.8, installed from:
  3. I think I found the suggestion you were referring to...

    But there is further troubles.

    OS/2 eCS 1.2R Parallels mouse driver with latest SNAP versions hangs during boot

    If you happen to have a solution for this detail, it would be welcomed. Thanks!
  4. I am using ECS 2 RC5

    Once you have mounted parrallel tool drive you have to:

    1) install the mouse package included in \drivers\mouse\os2 by running install.cmd and not the one included in \drivers\mouse\ecs12
    2) move mouse.sys only (and not the other dll files) from \drivers\mouse\ecs12 to c:\os2\boot
    3) reboot the VM

    this worked for me.

    The only problem left is that the caps lock is not working, or better, it's working but to led appears on the keyboard.

    After this just copy in os2\boot the file mouse.sys included in \drivers\mouse\ecs12
  5. Thank you so much!

    Indeed those steps did work with eCS 1.2R!

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