Help! I have no image tools under parallels 6

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  1. I have recently installed Parallels 6 and already want to increase the size of the partitioned drive. I understand I should use the Image Tool to do this however I do not have it. I have looked under applications and library, and tried reinstalling Parallels. Still no luck...PLEASE HELP I need to use a program on windows ASAP.

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    There is no Parallels Image in Parallels Desktop 6. The feature you're looking for is built into the hard disk settings in the virtual machine configuration. Just click the Edit button.

    All the documentation is in the Parallels Desktop help menu. You can also download the documentation in PDF format from:
  3. Edit button doesn't show up? Please help??????

    I have the same issue.
    My edit button is grayed out. I can't even change the RAM.

    running Parallels 6.0. 11800

    I have a 500G HD.

    MBP 10.6.6


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    The screen shot says you can't change the settings because the virtual machine is running. Shutdown Windows in the virtual machine, then change the settings after Windows has shutdown when the virtual machine is not running.
  5. Thanks! Sorry I only saw this reply now.

    I also tried what you suggested before your reply and I still didn't see it. I don't even have a folder with the tools. I really need to increase my disc space.
  6. When you start Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac just right-click the OS, select Configure, then Edit your Hardware for Disk Size. A little buried in the User Documentation.
  7. hmm

    Thanks. I will try that tonight. I am a little unsure what you mean by 'Click on OS'? Can you perhaps show me a screenshot of that?

    Also, can I use the same way to increase my RAM?

  8. Parallels Desktop: Click Files> List

  9. Thanks!

    Didn't think of that! You rock! Will let you know if it doesn't work.

  10. Error


    Ok, I did what you suggested, but it gives me this error. Keep in mind this is a brand new MBP. I did manage to change the RAM

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  11. frustrated!

    Ok, I restarted the machine and still the same error. It goes over 3/4 and then provided that error. I can't even restart the OS now. What can I do?

    I have a 500GB HD, 8G RAM and somehow I can't expand this disk.

    As a note, this .pvm is from the old MAC 2009 which I just copied to this new mac with the same version of parallels:Build 6.0.11994


  12. next step

    So this is what the startup is when I do normal. When i do repair when the OS is loading it doesn't repair. I need my work files on that OS, please advise!!!!!!!

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  13. Lessons learned! :(

    1- Do not just follow what someone says. I corrupted my pvm because 'danielpayne' said to follow the instructions. My pvm failed x2 to increase the virtual drive size. I reinstalled parallels thinking maybe that was corrupted. It turns out the pvm was due to increase disk size that failed, not parallels.

    2- Always back up your pvm when you back up your mac. I was lucky to revert back to last month. However, did loose a lot of work for June.

    3- Don't depend on people getting back to you because your work will suffer waiting.
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    I just got an answer, I'm loving parallels they give accurate answers! :) [​IMG]

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