How do you completely Remove Parallels from Mac OX?

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by ahamilto, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. I ran into several problems using parallels 3.0. I posted on the forum and did not get any response. I have since moved up to VMware fusion. It's a GREAT product. Leaves Paralells in the dust. Now I want to completely remove all signs of parallels from my system. How do I do this????
  2. al3


    Same question for me. Can you just run the uninstall in the .dmg and then trash the ~/library/parallels folder? Or is there more to it than that?

  3. I would just do a search for the word "Parallels". I'm sticking with Parallels for now, but also running VMware Fusion.
  4. al3


    Can you have both Parallels and Fusion resident? Will they use the same VM (created by Parallels) or do I create a new one for Fusion?

    My only downside to Fusion if it needs its own VM (besides Fusion being beta) is the long, long, long download and update of WinXP 1a (which I have on CD) to SP2. Where can you get a legal copy of WinXP-SP2 for a low price? Ebay maybe, but who would know if it is legal?

  5. I bought a new, sealed copy of XP Pro SP 2 from a local used computer store for $179.99.

    That is probably higher than I could have gotten it on eBay but the face-to-face transaction with a bricks-and-mortar merchant I trusted, plus the fact that I could hold the product in my hands and see what it was before buying it, assured me that it was a legitimate deal.


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