How does Transporter work? Does it?

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  1. I don't understand how Transporter works so I'm hoping someone can explain it to me.

    Assuming I can get it to work (which I have not been able to so far) does it migrate the ENTIRE hard drive of the source computer? Didn't I read somewhere that there is a 2 GB or 4GB limit on the size? I feel a little dense on this. I don't understand what is FAT32 and what is NTFS?

    If I can get it to work, will I need to activate again with Microsoft?

    I have tried migrating over two different computers, both with WinXP using my iMac and my MacBook. All computers meet the requirements. I have tried using my wireless network, firewire, and ethernet. I have gotten as far as about 650 MB of data migrated, then get errors and the process quits. It is very frustrating!

    Has ANYONE gotten this to work successfully? If so, are there any tips you can pass along?

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    NTFS and FAT32 are different disc file systems. Transporter file size limitations depend on them, to be more precise, on the disc file system of the specific transfer destination. FAT32 has a limit of 4 GB and NTFS doesn't have any, but Macs don't support NTFS.
    As for entire HD, it depends on your choice, you can choose what partitions on the hard drive to migrate.

    What Transporter build are you using?

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  3. So what is the point

    to giving NTFS partitions no limitations when the MAC OS doesnt support NTFS?
    My problem is that I would love to run parallels from my bootcamp partition, but my BC partition is 32 GB. Do you think there will be a fix in the not-too-distant future?
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    pjmann, trasporting destinations can be of different types as host OS's can be not only MacOS.
    If I understand your need right, you can use this article.

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