How to add Windows Shortcut to Dock??

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  1. How did the fine programmers of Parallels miss this? I need to be able to add a windows shortcut to the dock. The windows shortcut might be pointing to a more elaborate command line or might simply be pointing to a file which under windows is associated with a windows app. It definitely has its own icon.

    I can't figure out how to create the helper app that can be added to the OSX dock and will launch this shortcut in Parallels instead of launching an application. Can this be done? I see people have been complaining about this for years now, why has it not been resolved yet? I see this as basic functionality for coherence. In the windows world, most applications are launched via shortcuts.....for the reasons of having command line arguments specified, launching documents directly, specifying a working directory, having a different icon, etc.. In my view the helper apps for Parallels that can be put into the OSX dock should ALWAYS be launching shortcuts, almost never launching windows apps directly.

    Can anyone help solve this?
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  3. I'm sorry, what are you suggesting that I write something in C for this question?
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    Helper app, assumes C, or Objective C, or you want to use shell script?
  5. I want to add an icon to my OSX dock that will launch a windows shortcut instead of a windows application. I do not want to write C code.
  6. any updates here? i also want to launch a windows shortcut or command line argument from the OSX side.
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  8. Program Icon in the Dock
    When you open a Windows program, its icon appears in the Mac OS X Dock at the bottom of the screen. By default when you close the program, the icon disappears from the Dock. Keeping a program's icon in the Dock provides a quick way to open the program anytime.

    To keep a Windows program's icon in the Dock, do one of the following:

    Right-click or Control-click the Windows program icon in the Dock and choose Keep in Dock from the shortcut menu.
    Drag the program's icon from the Finder to the Dock.

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