How to enable Windows Phone 8 emulator in Visual Studio 2012

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm running parallels 8 on a Macbook Pro Retina with Windows 8.

    I've install the SDK for WP8 development and obviously the emulator doesn't work.

    However, some of my co-workers have been able to get this to work on VMWare using the changes outlined below.

    Is there anyway to do something similar with parallels?

    Before running the Windows 8 VM, a couple of configuration changes are
    This is really the new finding, at leads to me:

    All the credit goes to a person called Juha and his posting at:

    1) Added (or cheeked they are present) to .vmx file these rows:
    hypervisor.cpuid.v0 = "FALSE"
    mce.enable = "TRUE"
    vhv.enable = "TRUE"
    2) Settings -> CPU and memory -> Advanced: checked "Enable hypervisor
    applications in this virtual machine"
    3) Settings -> CPU and memory: make sure 2 Cores (or more?) are
    assigned to the Virutla machine
    4) Settings -> Advanced: Preferred virtualizationn engine: Intel VT-x
    with EPT
    After restarting Win 8 x64 VM, the HyperV system (and e.g. WIndows 8
    Phone SKD debugging / Windows Phone Emulation) works perfectly.
  2. Hi ,

    I had the same requirement.
    Will this be patched in PD8 in another way ?

    Thanks !!
  3. Same here

    I've also get a Retina Mac Book Pro. Would love to see this added as feature.
  4. I have a late 2010 MBP (Core i5) with Parallels Desktop 7, guest OS Win 8 Pro. The Windows 8 Phone Emulator requires Hyper-V support (which is not supported by Parallels).

    So I tried (evaluation ver.) VMW Fusion 5 and modified the config to support hyper-v (similar to described above, Google search will return more info). I can confirm that the Win 8 Phone SDK works on Fusion. The only change I did to the .vmx file is add/modify these (along with 2 core support):

    hypervisor.cpuid.v0 = "FALSE"
    vhv.enable = "TRUE"

    Might have to switch to VM from PDT.
  5. Can anyone from the Parallels team shed some light on this?
  6. I need this too.

    I'm having the same issue. Hyperv enables but when the wp emulator tries to start I get a "generic" failure. I guess its no surprise a virtual machine doesn't run in a virtual machine.

    Is there some way parallels can get this working?

    For those of you that HAVE to have this. You can boot camp windows 8 and hyper v will work. I found running boot camp through parallels and directly when I needed the emulator to be pretty good, but not ideal obviously. also without official bootcamp drivers for windows 8 its a bit of a pain.
  7. VMWare fusion can do this with a little hackery, but is SO MUCH SLOWER!
  8. Ah, thanks Stephen. I was considering switching to VMware.

    I was using boot camp at work for a while because it seemed so much faster and as a .net developer I seldom use anything outside of windows anyway. I was happy with the speed in Parallels 8 so I've been using that.

    Pretty bummed though that I have to use my phone for all of my debugging, much slower than using the emulator for the majority. :(
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    juzci Parallels Team

  10. Running a MBP retina with 8gb of ram. Set one cpu per instructions. 4g of ram for the vm and turned on the nested hyper v.

    Random crashes and errors, several reports sent to parallels. The VM wouldn't run long enough to actually get VS or the emulator running to test.

    Also I followed the instructions provided in the kb.
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    Hi Paul,
    could you please give me reports IDs? Or just send us one more report and give me ID, i'll do the rest myself.

  12. Mine is Retina MBP with customize 16G Memory.
    Set 1 or 2 CPU and 4G ram with the setting in the Link is workable.

    And don't know why recommend only 1 CPU for PD ?

    PS: The Lan can't set to virtual Wifi or the WP Emulator can't connect to the network.
  13. Is there a way for me to look at previously sent errors?
  14. So far today it hasn't "crashed" but I have some weird video problems. and the emulator fails to start completely

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  15. This KB is for Parallels Desktop 8. Any plans to support in Hyper-V in PD 7?

  16. Same here, after installing the latest build and enabling nested virtualization, I get really weird video output (like the others' screenshots) from the time I log in to my Windows 8 desktop in the VM. If I shut down the VM, turn off nested virtualization, then turn it back on, the video issues go away. I also experienced a hang while starting the VM the first time I turned it on after enabling nested virtualization.

    Thanks! Hope this issue gets resolved in the next build so that I can use the WP8 emulator. Pushing the app package to the phone each time I run it is soooo slow.
  17. I have had the same issue, but after I disabled 3D video acceleration I have not seen the issue anymore.
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    I'm afraid no, it is only available in PD8
  19. Deploying to my device is VERY slow in parallels when compared to Fusion. Any tips for speeding that up?

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