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  1. How do you take a screenshot in Parallels? Obviously, Mac don't have a Print Screen button. Does anyone know which Mac key it's assigned to?
  2. voobrajulia

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    Press Command-Shift-3 to make a screenshot. The file with picture will appear on your Mac Desktop.
  3. Sorry, but I probably wasn't clear enough with my request. I'd like to do a Print Screen within Windows, not Mac. Thanks.
  4. Flagg

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    Try using Virtual Machine -> Send Keys -> Print Screen. If you use it a lot, I would recommend making a permanent key mapping for it in Parallels Desktop -> Preferences -> Keyboard & Mouse. Just press the "+" and configure a Mac keyboard shortcut to be interpeted as "PrintSc" (which can be selected in the drop-down menu).
  5. Thanks Flagg, I was actually playing around last night and found that F13 on my external Mac keyboard is already assigned to the Print Screen command. But your advice is still very helpful for future reference!
  6. Peter Canasius J L

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    Hello David,

    Kindly click on the below mentioned link and download the Keytweak software.

    This helps you to key map the shortcut keys especially for the Print screen command.

    Please email us the status of the issue.
  7. Yes Mac don't have Prnt Scr Button But you can use keyword combinations TO take a Screenshot On a Mac.You can easilY get This information from This article.

    Read:- How To take a screenshot on a mac
  8. For Windows users this bit of freeware is great, used it for years.

    Not sure if there is a Mac version! Does not look like as if there is. How to take a screenshot on a mac

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