How to transfer files between windows and mac with Parallels?

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  1. where do I access my windows-files? I can not drop the file out to Mac OSX as the way I did with parallels running on boot camp partition or vice versa? I tried to look everywhere in my mac folder and I can not find my windows-files. Can someone shed some lights over this please?

    Thank you for you help. Parallels definitely lives up to its claims. It runs really fast as up tp "near native speed". This is a big plus for me who switched from PowerPC + Virtual PC to Intel-based + Parallels. If the file transfer problem is sorted, I will definitely buy a copy of this awesome software.

  2. can someone help please?
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  4. You can also go into Parallels Tools in your VM and enable file sharing.
  5. All I want is to create some files in windows, drag it to Mac desktop to save that file or vice versa. Could you be a bit more specific, I am not really computer tech savvy. My parallels always crash when I play with Parallels tool, :(. Thanks a lot.
  6. Ok, parallels just crashed twice on me and my mac became unresponsive. I had to hard shut down the mac. Sigh, I was just about to buy this software.
  7. it works OK for me since June 2006
    drag and drop both ways

    read the help file and enable file sharing

    P DT Menus >> Devices >> Shared Folders >> Add

    in the mac file system your desktop folder is in users "your user name"
    ancient macusers used to put an alias in the apple menu too

    Hugh W

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