huge cpu load due to prl_vm_app

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  1. Hi,

    with the last 2 latest builts of parallels desktop 4, I am having huge troubles with very high cpu load caused by the prl_vm_app process (see attached). I am starting this thread as some others dealing with the same problem remain unanswered. Lets hope your team hear this... For info, I tried reinstalling from another account, no luck. I checked the drivers in xp, all is fine.

    I reported this problem with ID 15253 but no answer... I really do hope to hear from you or will do like some of my colleagues : switch to wmware as I cannot work under this conditions : the laptop is literally burning up and the battery dying in a matter of minutes!!!

    running leopard 10.5.5 and xp and built 3040.

    Hardware Overview:

    Model Name: MacBook Pro
    Model Identifier: MacBookPro4,1
    Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
    Processor Speed: 2.5 GHz
    Number Of Processors: 1
    Total Number Of Cores: 2
    L2 Cache: 6 MB
    Memory: 4 GB
    Bus Speed: 800 MHz

    Performance Counters View Utility v4.0.3540.209168
    Copyright 2008 Parallels, Inc.

    My Boot Camp - 23:03:45 +10 sec
    devices.ide0.aligned_writes 0
    devices.ide0.fsync 0
    devices.ide0.new_blocks_created 0
    devices.ide0.read_requests 0
    devices.ide0.read_total 0
    devices.ide0.unaligned_writes 0
    devices.ide0.write_requests 0
    devices.ide0.write_total 0
    devices.usb.ehci.activity 0
    devices.usb.ehci.ioasynccallback 0
    devices.usb.ehci.process_frame 0
    devices.usb.ehci.processpkt 0
    devices.usb.ehci.vcpusignal 0
    devices.usb.ehci.vcpusignal.aa 0
    devices.usb.ehci.vcpusignal.flr 0 0
    devices.usb.ehci.vcpusignal.pcd 0
    devices.usb.ehci.vcpusignal.ue 0
    devices.usb.uhci.activity 0
    devices.usb.uhci.ioasynccallback 0
    devices.usb.uhci.process_frame 0
    devices.usb.uhci.processpkt 0 0
    kernel.ide.irqs 51233
    kernel.paging.vcpu0.cr3_change 0
    kernel.paging.vcpu0.cr3_flushtlb 0
    kernel.paging.vcpu0.cr3_read 0
    kernel.paging.vcpu0.cr3_write 0 0 0 0 5 7 1 0
    kernel.usb.ehc.irqs 0
    kernel.usb.uhc.irqs 0
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.guest_mcs 0
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.guest_proc_halt 0
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.idle_percent 100
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.mon_artloop_halt 0
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.mon_mcs 9494
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.quest_acpi_halt 0
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.send_halt_msg 0
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.send_halt_msg_delay 0
    kernel.vcpu0.async_thr_activate 3
    kernel.vcpu0.guest_switch_sd 0
    kernel.vcpu0.guest_switch_svm 0
    kernel.vcpu0.guest_switch_vtx 411
    kernel.vcpu0.hardware_interrupt 11
    kernel.vcpu0.irq_process 20288
    kernel.vcpu0.mode_switch 0
    kernel.vcpu0.mon_ret_to_host 49
    kernel.vcpu0.mon_ret_to_host_switch 50
    kernel.vcpu0.pic.setintrequest 124812
    kernel.vcpu0.sendapirequest 26998
    kernel.vcpu0.sendapirequest_lastcmd 0
    kernel.vcpu0.vtx_interrupth 321094 0 0 0 196961
    net.nic0.activate 0
    net.nic0.bcast_in 0
    net.nic0.bytes_in 0
    net.nic0.bytes_out 0
    net.nic0.mcast_in 0
    net.nic0.pkt_dropped_in 0
    net.nic0.pkt_err_in 0
    net.nic0.pkt_err_out 0
    net.nic0.pkts_in 0
    net.nic0.pkts_out 0
    net.nic0.send_buffer_notifications 0
    video.frames 0
    disp_server - 23:03:45 +10 sec
    mgmt.commands 0
    mgmt.error_commands 0

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  2. John@Parallels

    John@Parallels Parallels Team

    New update was published, which is right now available at
    The most of problem were fixed.
    Please navigate to that link, and download build 3540
    In post there are various instructions, how to fix problems.
  3. Hi! John,

    FYI, the new 3540 does not fix the high CPU usage problem. Even trying to uninstall/uninstall the 3540 per advised by some nice guy posted in the forum.

  4. John@Parallels

    John@Parallels Parallels Team

    Did you check instruction for high CPU usage in post?
  5. Hi! John,

    As I said I have followed ebatte's advice with the LATEST build 3540 and it did not work for me.

    Is there any solution? Or INSTRUCTION to get it worked?

    It is taking me two weeks to try and still on-going!
  6. John@Parallels

    John@Parallels Parallels Team

    There are instruction for 2 CPU cases, you need to check for hardware changes
  7. Hi! John,

    Are saying the instruction as below?

    - Parallels Desktop may start consuming up to 100% CPU after setting 2 CPUs in a Windows virtual machine configuration. To troubleshoot this issue, update the CPU driver in the Windows guest OS.

    I tried but I can not update it because when I tried to update it can not find the driver. I tried also roll-back the old driver. It also said no backup of the CPU driver.

    Where can I find the driver?

    BTW, please simply quote the related instructions/solutions instead of pointing to me to the somewhere which is not efficient to fix the problem.

  8. Hi john and thanks for the reply. As you may have seen in my post (the first) and report made though help/report, there is no problem with my drivers (cpu) and I already am using the latest built 3540 !!!!!! I fully agree with Birdman for this issue: a kb would be welcome.
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  9. John@Parallels

    John@Parallels Parallels Team

    We will check situation, and if it is known issue will create kb.
    Meanwhile , while in device manager, please right click on Computer in right pane, scan for hardware changes
  10. Scanned several times for hardware changes, none detected. No exclamation dot either (see attached). From the number of posts here and there (, this seems to be an issue shared by many. I am willing to help and provide you with whatever you need, but please help us !

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  11. Hi! John,

    Too bad I can not have the chance to do the scan as the high usage kill my MacBook (Late 2007) to hang and I have forced to shut it down even with one CPU configured.

    As said by patimages, it is clear that it IS known issue situation (also mentioned in the 3540 release post).

    Please F I X it.

    I will wait to for the problem fixed to give PD4 another chance as two weeks was wasted with no progress.
  12. update : tried to install all four possible drivers for processor (see attached), no change: mac still burning (the 100% load on the cpu for prl_vm_app switching between the 2 cores, see attached).

    spec reminder:
    running leopard 10.5.5 and xp pro sp3 and built PD4 3040.

    Hardware Overview:

    Model Name: MacBook Pro
    Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
    Processor Speed: 2.5 GHz
    Number Of Processors: 1
    Total Number Of Cores: 2
    L2 Cache: 6 MB
    Memory: 4 GB
    Bus Speed: 800 MHz

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  13. Help us parallels! I like my mac... with parallels.
  14. Got something... Here is how on core 2 duo macbook pro 2.5 GHz:
    1- start pd4 (but not windows).
    2- go to configure/cpu->change cpu to 1, press ok and wait till it is updated. restart pd4.
    3- go to configure/cpu->change cpu to 2, press ok and wait till it is updated. restart pd4.
    4- repeat steps 2 and 3 (don't know why but works).
    5- start pd4 and windows: prl_vm_app will spike at startup but then remain below 50%. It is better than before when prl_vm_app would take the whole cpu power while windows did nothing.
    However, if an application requires some cpu in windows (powerpoint opening big files, etc), prl_vm_app will still saturate the cpu (which is not normal : I have one of the latest and most powerful macbook pro...).

    So, it is a small step but support is still requested.

    PS: Do not know whether it matter but I uninstalled my antivirus, ran this cycle (1-5) and only then did I reinstall my antivirus. Also, I had switched my taskbar to the classic version and changed that to the xp version before to run this cycle (1-5). Whether this is of importance is unknown but who knows...
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  15. not for me

    @ patimages: thanks for the tip, but it didn't change anything for me. I still can't figure out how to update the CPU driver in the Windows guest OS - searched the whole system but nothing, nada... not a single clue of where to find that "cpu driver"... where did you take your screenshots in the vm ?
  16. In xp : go to start/settings/control panel
    click on system, click on hardware tab and then device manager.
    click on first icone on top of the list and then in menu, click action/scan. that will look at problematic device (an exclamation dot would mean wrong driver). you may also do the same by double-clicking computer/"the cpu model that appears" : you are then in the cpu properties. update as you wish.
  17. tacit_one

    tacit_one Parallels Team


    Just a small clarification to this:
    prl_vm_app process represents guest OS CPU time, which means that
    it consumes 100% CPU power only when guest OS consumes
    100% CPU power for some reason.

    So when we're talking about this problem, the first thing we need to
    understand is what happens in the guest (read - Windows).

    Can someone suffering from this problem send us screenshot
    of Windows Task Manager, showing all processes, sorted by their
    CPU usage ?

  18. nope. this is the first thing I looked at and you should have gotten this info from the report with ID 15253:
    the guest os is just fine and does not show any abnormal load when not working. The issue is clearly the host os (the mac) working overtime trying something over and over (prl_vm_app), this leading to an overload.
  19. tacit_one

    tacit_one Parallels Team

    The problem is that even when guest OS does not show any
    CPU usage in task manager, it still may consume 100% "power"
    because it does not issue any CPU power-saving commans
    (using HLT itsruction or ACPI state).

    Can you please run the following command in your terminal
    and post here output for ~10 seconds when your guest is
    consuming 100% CPU ?

    $ prl_perf_ctl -a -n -l 2
  20. Last login: Mon Nov 24 19:38:52 on ttys000
    dslb-082-083-025-073:~ pcollom$ rl_perf_ctl -a -n -l 2
    -bash: rl_perf_ctl: command not found
    dslb-082-083-025-073:~ pcollom$ prl_perf_ctl -a -n -l 2
    Performance Counters View Utility v4.0.3540.209168
    Copyright 2008 Parallels, Inc.

    My Boot Camp - 19:41:11 +2 sec
    kernel.ide.irqs 61549
    kernel.paging.vcpu0.cr3_change 2
    kernel.paging.vcpu0.cr3_write 2 8 8
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.idle_percent 88
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.mon_artloop_halt 3
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.mon_mcs 369
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.quest_acpi_halt 3
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.send_halt_msg 3
    kernel.vcpu0.guest_switch_vtx 62
    kernel.vcpu0.irq_process 30109
    kernel.vcpu0.mon_ret_to_host 3
    kernel.vcpu0.mon_ret_to_host_switch 3
    kernel.vcpu0.pic.setintrequest 167608
    kernel.vcpu0.sendapirequest 48409
    kernel.vcpu0.vtx_interrupth 224361 291719
    My Boot Camp - 19:41:13 +2 sec
    devices.ide0.aligned_writes 18
    devices.ide0.unaligned_writes 5
    devices.ide0.write_requests 21
    devices.ide0.write_total 207360
    kernel.ide.irqs 61572
    kernel.paging.vcpu0.cr3_change 616
    kernel.paging.vcpu0.cr3_write 616 17 2773 2588 168
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.idle_percent 87
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.mon_artloop_halt 1504
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.mon_mcs 200818
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.quest_acpi_halt 1397
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.send_halt_msg 1501
    kernel.vcpu0.async_thr_activate 23
    kernel.vcpu0.guest_switch_vtx 22382
    kernel.vcpu0.hardware_interrupt 1133
    kernel.vcpu0.irq_process 30135
    kernel.vcpu0.mon_ret_to_host 3101
    kernel.vcpu0.mon_ret_to_host_switch 3101
    kernel.vcpu0.pic.setintrequest 169695
    kernel.vcpu0.sendapirequest 48420
    kernel.vcpu0.vtx_interrupth 224823 20 291739
    My Boot Camp - 19:41:15 +2 sec
    devices.ide0.aligned_writes 166
    devices.ide0.unaligned_writes 21
    devices.ide0.write_requests 49
    devices.ide0.write_total 681984
    kernel.ide.irqs 61627
    kernel.paging.vcpu0.cr3_change 631
    kernel.paging.vcpu0.cr3_write 631 15 3075 2689 371
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.idle_percent 88
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.mon_artloop_halt 1518
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.mon_mcs 206372
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.quest_acpi_halt 1391
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.send_halt_msg 1508
    kernel.vcpu0.async_thr_activate 53
    kernel.vcpu0.guest_switch_vtx 27100
    kernel.vcpu0.hardware_interrupt 1100
    kernel.vcpu0.irq_process 30192
    kernel.vcpu0.mon_ret_to_host 3032
    kernel.vcpu0.mon_ret_to_host_switch 3032
    kernel.vcpu0.pic.setintrequest 171817
    kernel.vcpu0.sendapirequest 48429
    kernel.vcpu0.vtx_interrupth 225221 11 291750
    My Boot Camp - 19:41:17 +2 sec
    devices.ide0.aligned_writes 84
    devices.ide0.unaligned_writes 10
    devices.ide0.write_requests 9
    devices.ide0.write_total 118784
    kernel.ide.irqs 61643
    kernel.paging.vcpu0.cr3_change 573
    kernel.paging.vcpu0.cr3_write 573 20 2775 2577 178
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.idle_percent 89
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.mon_artloop_halt 1534
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.mon_mcs 179573
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.quest_acpi_halt 1407
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.send_halt_msg 1528
    kernel.vcpu0.async_thr_activate 13
    kernel.vcpu0.guest_switch_vtx 22057
    kernel.vcpu0.hardware_interrupt 933
    kernel.vcpu0.irq_process 30210
    kernel.vcpu0.mon_ret_to_host 2876
    kernel.vcpu0.mon_ret_to_host_switch 2876
    kernel.vcpu0.pic.setintrequest 173906
    kernel.vcpu0.sendapirequest 48442
    kernel.vcpu0.vtx_interrupth 225628 25 291775
    My Boot Camp - 19:41:19 +2 sec
    devices.ide0.aligned_writes 53
    devices.ide0.write_requests 17
    devices.ide0.write_total 188416
    kernel.ide.irqs 61666
    kernel.paging.vcpu0.cr3_change 652
    kernel.paging.vcpu0.cr3_write 652 14 2881 2575 292
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.idle_percent 89
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.mon_artloop_halt 1531
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.mon_mcs 187798
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.quest_acpi_halt 1402
    kernel.vcpu0.activity.send_halt_msg 1523
    kernel.vcpu0.async_thr_activate 21
    kernel.vcpu0.guest_switch_vtx 22441
    kernel.vcpu0.hardware_interrupt 781
    kernel.vcpu0.irq_process 30235
    kernel.vcpu0.mon_ret_to_host 2699
    kernel.vcpu0.mon_ret_to_host_switch 2699
    kernel.vcpu0.pic.setintrequest 175993
    kernel.vcpu0.sendapirequest 48453
    kernel.vcpu0.vtx_interrupth 226015 18 291793

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