Mounting specific shared folders

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  1. How do I mount specific shared folders.

    Parallels put
    none /media/psf prl_fs sync,nosuid,nodev,noatime,share,nofail 0 0
    in /etc/fstab which is fine but what if I want to say mount the shared folder "test" to "/srv/test" what do I need to put in fstab?
  2. joevt

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    The test folder would be at /media/psf/test/

    I don't know if you can map a folder to another folder in fstab. Would a link work?
  3. Mount Specified Shared folder

    You will need to create mount point on root sever through

    #mkdir -p /mnt whatever you can give the name for directory

    After that you will need to add entry in /etc/fstab add the following line nfs default 0 0

    Now you can run #mount /mnt and the partition should be available if it was local filesystem.

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