Need to Reinstall Mac OS X

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by JeffersonH, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    Due to some crazy permissions screw ups it is gonna be necessary for me to reinstall my OS. According to the website I am only allowed to register Parallels to one computer. Will I be able to reactivate it with my current license key once I finish reinstalling? Will I need a new key? Don't want to reinstall without knowing this, but at the moment I'm not even able to run Parallels Desktop

    Thank you,

    Jefferson H
  2. Jefferson;

    Did you finally get an answer to this? I currently have a similar problem and can't find any information.

  3. Reinaldo,

    I went ahead and took the risk and reformatted and reactivation was no problem. I just copied the key out of the activation window, emailed it to myself, and reentered it after I reinstalled PD. From what I found searching, the key is tied to your account. As long as you are not using your key simultaneously on multiple machines, it seems that you can move computers (an reactivate a freshly restored computer) without a problem.

  4. Jefferson;

    I was reluctant to attempt installing on my new Mac, but after your reply, I did as well. It all worked. Thank you for helping.


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