Parallels 5 and Windows 2000 -> BSOD

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  1. Hi,

    i'm encountering an annoying blue screen, when i am trying to start my Windows 2000 machine after having upgraded to Parallels 5. (1 Unbuntu, 1 Windows 7 and 2 Windows XP machines all work well).

    The blue screen says the following:

    Address BFF9B680 base at BFF7A000, DateStamp 382a167c - acpi.sys

    I tried the several solutions, that can be fount in this forum.

    If I'm setting up a new machine, I get the same error. No matter if i'm using the original CD or the ISO-Image I took.

    Does anyone suffer from the same annoyances? Does anyone perhaps have a solution?

    Thanks for your help in advance.

    Apu N.

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  2. hello,

    i have the same problem.... with windows vista in host or ubuntu in host, impossible to install windows 2000... blue screen... i don't have this trouble whit virtualbox... please help us !!!

    fred. excuse me for my english.
  3. Another with same problem

    Add another to the list. I have the same problem with Parallels 5. Windows 2000 professional blue screens shortly after booting from the install CD.
  4. Update: I found a Windows 2000 SP4 cd and was able to install from it. The original cd I used was the original release on Windows 2000 (i.e. SP0).
  5. I'm also running into this problem attempting to install Windows 2000 on my new Parallels 5 setup. The BSOD happens shortly after it finishes loading from the four boot floppies and says it's starting Windows.

    I don't have a W2K with SP4 disk available, so I'm basically stopped cold here on getting W2K running.
  6. I was able to get Win2000 installed by pressing F5 when the setup begins (the bottom of the screen says Press F6 to install third party...), then selecting Standard PC from the list of computer types.
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  7. Wow, great catch! This worked perfectly. How did you know to do that & then to select "Standard PC"? Oh..., I think I know, the "Standard PC" is a Mac, right? ;-)

    Seriously, thanks. You saved me a lot of time & frustration!
  8. Note to future readers who find this thread: You will probably need to click in the Parallels window before it will see key presses
  9. Thank you very much :)
  10. Working in parallels desktop 6 on Lion :)

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