Parallels 8 - Cannot install tools in Windows 8

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  1. Anybody else having problems installing the Parallel Tools in Windows 8?
  2. Me too, I can't install Parallels Tools ob Win8 RTM machine after upgrading to P8 from P7: installation locks up at 59% and virtual machine's screen goes black.

    Please Help
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  3. juzci

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    thank you for feedback, we do appreciate it!
    To investigate the issue we need some technical information, so could you please reproduce it, send us Problem Report as described in and give me an ID?

    Thanks in advance,
  4. Done, and here's the ID: 17688398.
  5. Same issue here. Looking forward to solution/workaround. I've tried almost everything I can think of so far to no avail. For the record I'm running mountain lion on 2012 Air. Guest is windows 8 pro x64 RTM.
  6. For what its worth.... Having tried everything else, I decided to download Win 8 Pro x86 from Technet and give it a try instead of x64. What do you know... works like a champ, tools installed without a hitch.

    My next test will be to create a new x64 vm as a test to see if the issue is indeed an x64 issue or if its an issue regarding upgrading from Parallels 7 to 8 with existing VM.
  7. Alright, here we go. New x64 VM created without a hitch..... tools installed with no issue. So it appears the issue is related to upgrading from Parallels 7 to 8 with pre-existing VMs.
  8. juzci

    juzci Parallels Team

    thank you, we will investigate it.

    we could you your report from problematic VM too.

  9. Any update im having exact same problem.

    ID 17833005
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  10. Been two weeks any fix starting to pissed off wasting my money on this **** could of went with VMWARE
  11. How I solved the problem

    New MacBookPro..installed Paralells 7, Windows Home Premium 7, upgraded to Parallels 8, then Windows 8. Used the dmg paradigm for parallels 8 (eligible for free upgrade).

    Fairly seamless upgrade until the notation: "Paralles Tools not installed" appeared at the bottom of the VM. The "gear" icon did not solve the problem. The parallels KB was partially helpful. One of the articles led me to

    Clicking the *.gz file extracted it and placed a copy of the folder prl-tools-win ain my user/download folder.

    From the Win 8 virtual machine in the "window" mod, I browsed to the prl-tools-win folder, opened the folder, and ran the setup.exe.

    The paralalles tools installation wizard opened and installation was seamless.

    Hope this is helpful. I am a PC guy and just playing with mac and parallels (may become addicted) works great in the coherent mode this far. Wife has a mac & I've had to learn more than I really wanted to know. :))
  12. Hi There, i have the same problem, would anyone who been helped be kind to provide the solution also to the others? Thanks a lot in advance
  13. while installing Windows 8 message that i have to restart windows for parallel tools

    Hi There;
    while i am installing Windows 8( in parallel desktop 8) i get the message that i have to restart windows. . . .for installing Parallel Tools which is on 15%
    Restarting is not possible while i am still installing Windows.....
    I have already restarted my MAC but the problem is still there
    Can anybody help me?
    thanks in advance!

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