Parallels 8 - Laughable performance - How to uninstall

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by BobTheDog, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. Well I upgraded to 8 with the promise of better performance and it is a big disappointment, much slower than 7!

    This is on a MacbookPro i7

    Here are the scores for windows 7 performance

    P7 p8
    processor 7.6 6.9
    memory 7.8 7.3
    graphics 6.0 4.1
    gaming 6.0 3.5
    hard disk 5.9 5.9

    Does anyone know how to uninstall and go back to 7, there doesn't seem to be an uninstaller in the dmg?


  2. I run the ver 7 uninstall then installed v8 again and the figures are much better, still slightly lower that 7 but much nearer!
  3. Specimen

    Specimen Product Expert

    To uninstall PDM8, delete the Parallels Desktop .app.
    To uninstall PDM7 use the PDM7 uninstaller.
  4. I thought twice today about upgrading to P8, mostly based on these performance complaints, but ultimately decided to give it a go.

    My results are nothing like yours, and I'm perfectly pleased with P8 so far.

    Windows perf score isn't very authorative but my results were:

    Processor: 7.1 > 7.1
    Memory: 7.9 > 7.9
    Graphics: 5.9 > 6.3
    Gaming graphics: 5.9 > 6.3
    Primary HDD: 7.5 > 7.5

    This is on an early 2011 17" MBP i7. I did a straight up install of P8 with P7 already installed.

  5. bheiser1

    bheiser1 Bit Poster

    Seeing this thread & the various others indicating niggling little issues with PD8, I'm on the fence about whether to upgrade. I do use PD7 on almost a daily basis (mostly to run MS Office in Win7), and I've just upgraded to Mountain Lion. So far PD7 seems OK... and the PD8 "upgrade", at $49.99, while less than the MSRP of the full version, costs more than what I paid for the full version of PD7...

    Am I missing a compelling reason to upgrade? :)
  6. Here is a follow-up on my experience so far:

    I did an upgrade from P7 to P8, and that was seamless. I have both Win7 and Vista VMs setup, and had no problems moving over either.

    Performance - for the most part, it feels the same to me. My Windows perf score went up a tiny bit. I play one game under Win7 (Final Fantasy XI), and it basically feels exactly the same.

    The one issue that I am running into is that, occasionally, video begins to flicker badly in Google Chrome.
  7. bheiser1

    bheiser1 Bit Poster

    Thanks for that feedback!
  8. BTW, other than that it's almost exactly the same as P7. I don't have a retina MacBook yet, and I'm not regularly using Win8, so I don't see any of the features added for those.

    I don't see a huge rush to update -- might be worth waiting a few updates to get the kinks ironed out. That said, if you're OCD about having the latest stuff (like me), I don't think you'll regret the update either.

  9. Leaving Parallels 8 and back to 7

    I'm done with 8 until they get the multi-screen issues and 3d acceleration issues ironed out. I recommend staying away from PD 8 until they get these fixed. Too much wasted productive time......
  10. YuriyM

    YuriyM Parallels Team

    Most of these issues have been addressed in the last update. Please try it (from menu: Parallels Desktop -> Check for Updates)
  11. Update fixed my issues

    Thanks for the update to PD8 this a.m.!! It seems to have fixed all the issues I was having.
  12. Nice, I can confirm that this update fixed the video flicker issues for me. Thanks!

    Also, my Windows performance score went up by .1 for both Graphics and Gaming Graphics. =)
  13. bheiser1

    bheiser1 Bit Poster

    I ended up installing the trial version of PD8 when it became available earlier this week. I did an uninstall of PD7 and installed PD8 just to ensure a clean install. So far I'm in the camp of "haven't really noticed a difference". Though I am playing a bit with Windows 8 so this is probably the right version for me to use...

    I did also notice the update today to PD8. This is one thing I really like about Parallels - they do seem to be striving to continually improve the product via updates on a regular basis.
  14. constant hangup

    I upgraded to version 8 using W7 on an Imac running current version of Mountain Lion. I now have constant hangups requiring restarting the Imac almost every time I attempt to use Parallels. I am planning on replacing with V7.

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