Parallels Desktop 7 + OS X 10.9 Mavericks

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  1. Hi,
    I got an eMail for upgrading to Parallels Desktop 9 and I currently have PD 7. Will I need to run PD 9 to use Parallels in 10.9 Mavericks or will PD 7 work just fine? Thanks!
  2. Note that you have not received an answer from Parallels. Sorry that I don't have an answer, either.
    I am in the same situation. I am running Parallels Desktop 7 on my iMac which is running Mountain Lion. This is trouble free, as is.
    My one Windows application in this environment is extremely critical, and I cannot risk upgrading to Mavericks without assurance from Parallels that version 7 is compatible.
    I suspect that many others are in the same boat.
  3. Confirmed:
    I'm so tired of paying and paying for the same product year after year just because it doesn't work in the new OS.
  4. Oh, yeah ! And . . . . Parallels 9 will be much more expensive than the OSX upgrade. Nice revenue stream for the Parallels folks . . . . and a lot easier than upgrading the SW in Parallels 7.
    Do we smell "subscription" software in the wind ?
  5. I too am curious to know how Parallels will manage this issue since several V7 users seem to agree that a mandatory/forced upgrade to V9 in order to run OS X Mavericks is - simply - unfair. So, will V7 works with Mavericks in the end? Mavericks release date is fast approaching and I want to get the latest OS!!!
  6. Have to admit that I bit the bullet and bought the Parallels 9 upgrade and successfully installed it under Mountain Lion. The only reason that I run Windows 7 is that I have a couple of accounting programs that only run under Windows. :-(
    Since the operation of these two accounting programs must run without error I felt that I had no choice but to upgrade from Parallels 7 before Mavericks comes out.
    Did not have any issues with the install, and the new version seems to work properly.
    Having said that, I must say that I don't see the 40% speed increase that I believe was advertised.
  7. Fyi, I just installed CodeWeavers CrossOver12 on my iMac and installed Quicken using their dead simple installer. Everything works perfectly to my surprise. As it's a trial, I'm still undecided whether to pay for Parallels 9 or CrossOver12. One incentive, however, is that the CrossOver12 license is per user which means it can be installed on as many machines as that user uses! With Parallels 9, I would have to purchase a new license per machine and I heard somewhere else that a subscription-based pricing scheme may be coming soon...
  8. I too am tired of having to upgrade over and over to get Parallels to work with the new OS. I've been a Parallels customer for many years but this latest forced $50 upgrade has made me reconsider my use of Parallels all together. I've decided I won't be upgrading or spending any more money with them.
  9. Why not just install VirtualBox for Mac and install Windows on that?

    Its Free
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  10. Parallels tech support is useless and the policy of forcing users to pay through their nose for a free Mac OS upgrade is just not right. I have decided not to buy any upgrades or deal with Parallels for any business need!
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  12. I hear you, thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to try VirtualBox too. Sick and tired paying 50 bucks a year for Parallels
  13. To all those out there, and you at Parallels, so long. I'm done with this program. I will not continue to support this ridiculous business model. I paid twice for Paralles and will never do so again.

  14. I have 8 at work and 7 at home. I rarely use 7. Just now I tried to start it up and found out it doesn't work. I'm done. I bought 7 five weeks before 8 was released at full price. Similar situation when I got 8. 9 was released two months later. This blows. I'll be spending my money with the competitor instead.
  15. Bye Bye Parallels

    I am also done here. I've spent well over $150 in the past 3 years and won't spend another dime to upgrade a product I already paid for to deal with a FREE OS update. I installed Virtualbox and I'm not looking back. Adios.
  16. I guess that I've been very lucky. I run Parallels 7 on my Mac mini, using Mavericks as my OS (10.9.2). I still use Win XP, and have experienced no problems, whatsoever. I'm going to switch to Win 8.1 in a couple of weeks, so I may, soon, begin to experience Parallels problems. If so, I guess I'll have to upgrade to Parallels 9. However, until now, I've successfully ignored Parallels' warnings about the necessity of upgrading. Mind you, maybe the fact that I've had no problems, is due to the fact that I only use 2 Windows programs, Quicken, and a tax program.
  17. I can state definitively that you CAN run Parallels 7 with OSX! I too got all the email about it not working, but accidentally upgraded to OSX and Parallels 7 worked just fine. So yes, it seems that Parallels is not above stretching the truth in their effort to get us to spend another $50...
  18. I run a whole suite of Windows and Autodesk applications using Parallels 7 running on OSX, and I've never had the slightest problem. Although I was dumb enough to buy P9, I suspect that Parallels has stretched the truth about P7 being incompatible in order to ramp up repeat sales. Shame on them.
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    When OS X Mavericks came out PDM7 didn't work at all in it, and because PDM7 was no longer under the 2 year update support policy only PDM8 and 9 were made to be able to run on Mavericks, if PDM7 runs on 10.9.2 it's probably because Apple changed something in the latest update that allows PDM7 to run.
  20. I cannot comment True or False to the above assertion that OSX has changed to allow Parallels 7 to run on it. I upgraded to OSX a couple of months ago "by accident" because I was afraid that my Parallels 7 environment wouldn't run on it and I was finishing a huge book project using Adobe Framemaker. Lo and behold absolutely nothing seemed to change in my environment. All my other apps, Vision, MS office suite, Autodesk Inventor 3D development environment all ran just fine as well. So boys and girls, if you have Parallels 7, you'll run just fine on the latest versions of OSX.

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