Parallels with "dual monitors"

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  1. I have a MacBook Black and I installed in it Parallels 4,0 with Windows XP Profesional. Currently I use the LCD of the monitor of MacBook and another monitor with the video output to be have "a bigger desktop".

    If I move any window (ex.: Safari) to the right side of the monitor and it appear in my external monitor.
    However, the programs of Windows that I open in the Parallels do not make the same.

    How I can make the Parallels to recognize the external monitor and to also extend my Desktop of the Windows for it?

    PS.: Sorry about my REALLY BAD English... i'm Brazilian and using a web-translator.
  2. hi,

    did you find a solution for this problem ?

  3. All you need to do is to enable it under the Virtual Machine configuration. It is under Coherence (see attached screenshot).


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  4. hi,

    obviously I tried this but in my case it does not work

    i try to drag the window between the two displays using the mouse, but it can not trespass the windows bar (my configuration is the main window down and the external display up the main window)

    i think once i tried external display on the left and it worked

    can it be a BUG ????
  5. effectively, if I switch the external monitor to left, no problem

    but at the botton ---> problem

    so ladys and gentleman, this is a BUG, is not it ?
  6. can at least somebody say if it work for he/she ?

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