Partition Magic alternative ?

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  1. I just looking for software like partition magic to resize Windows 2003 Server. ANd i found this:

    Partition Magic Server alternative - EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition V2.0.

    How about it?
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  3. resize windows 2003 server

    Hello Specimen,

    Thanks for your prompt reply!

    I have check the website that you provide, however, I did not find any information that it can support windows server system:(

    Anyone else, please help me!
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    What it needs to support is NTFS and FAT and gparted does, that 'server system support' crap (escuse me my french) is just marketing of commercial products to make you pay more.

    At the filesystem level in the Windows world server or desktop they are all the same, NTFS (or FAT). And if you're running a server you should know that, but maybe, as you say, you need help from another person, maybe someone that will offer you product with a shiny sticker on it that says "and for just $100 more you can get Windows Server support!!" *snort*. The lack of Windows Server support from some of these commercial solutions is just 'defective by design'.

    As for gparted since it's an opensource solution, they have nothing to gain from making such distinction and so, all you need to know about gparted is this:

    Which are the filesystems it supports and the operations it supports for each one of them (it supports all operations for NTFS). Gparted livecd isn't installed in Windows, so there isn't a need for it to support any specific variation of windows (server or desktop, xp or vista, 32 bit or 63 bit, etc).
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  5. resize server partition

    Thanks for you inforamtion Specimen,

    To be frankly, I am a little afraid to use the freeware because of the its security.

    What i concern most is the security of my data and files. I just want a safe and easier one and the price within my budget around $100. Anyone who can offer a suggestion?
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    You, Sir, are an easy target for extortion... Nothing guarantees you that the 'commercial' product you're going to buy doesn't mess your data. 'Oh but's it's commercial, it's someone we can sue if something goes wrong', no, if you read their EULAs, you're on your own.

    And it's not freeware, it's opensource, like Linux, FreeBSD, WebKit or MacFuse.. Webkit? That's what Apple uses for Safari... FreeBSD? That's what Apple uses for Darwin, the backbone of OSX... MacFuse? Where did I hear this name before? Oh, I know, it's what PARALLELS DESKTOP FOR MAC uses to write to NTFS (Windows partitions).

    And if you're so concerned that you'll lose your data you can clone your NTFS partition first using Winclone, oh, wait, it's free also it can't be trusted...

    Look, Gparted (and Winclone) have been used reliably by thousands of users including me that can atest for their reliability.

    It's your loss, it's your 100, the fool and his money are easily (G)parted.

    Besides, you should specify here that if this is a Boot Camp partition or a virtual hd.
    If it is a Boot Camp partition resizing it is tricky because very little software out there can resize HFS+ (OSX). It's easier to backup the partition (using something like winclone), delete the partition in OSX, and create a new one with Boot Camp Assistant, then restore to the new one.
    If it's a virtual one, you can just bloody clone the machine first for safety and then use whichever tool that does parting, if anything goes wrong you always have the backup.

    Safety and Security is not something you trust blindly, it's something you achieve, in terms of partition resizing you achieve that by backing up first, not by throwing money at it.

    But I'll shut up now, and let others suggest you the extortionware you are eager to pay.
    But chances are that the more technical savvy users will feel gparted is perfectly up to the task, only the less technical ones will suggest what you want to hear but those ones likely blindly bought a resizing product that happened to work once and will swear by its reliability. Any partition solution is likely to work since it's not exactly rocket science.
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  7. resize server partition


    This what I saw on the other site:
    "I tried using the Gparted software to make my D: partition (which I use for data) about 4gb smaller, so that I could use those 4gb to add to the C: partition, so I did it, and those 4gb are now listed as "unallocated Space". However I couldn't find the way to "grow" the C partition, I wouldn't give that option and I couldn't do anything with the 4gb that is now "unallocated Space"."
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    What does that prove? Any program can be misused, he probably shrunk the D: partition but didn't move the unallocated space near the C: partition so it can't be merged into C:. You think commercial software would magically read your mind and move the unallocated space near C:? (moving unallocated space requires that everything that's written in D: be offsetted 4GB later to delete the 4GB before).

    The NTFS operations (grow,shrink,merge,create,delete) are actually made by Windows, Gparted just schedules Windows to make it do it.

    But forget Gparted, I don't have the the patience to convince you to use it, and why do I have to be in between some company commercial software and one easy target like yourself, I bet you won't be so diligent in finding negative user experience of a commercial software.
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  9. Once I have used the utility, GParted is a well-known partition tools that allows you to create, delete, resize and move some partitions, copy and check partitions. It boots from a CD or a floppy disk and runs as a standalone system. As far as I know, the Gparted is less than Easeus Partition Manager supporting to Windows Server, now Easeus updated for supporting resizing Windows Server 2008 partition.
  10. resize server partition

    Hello Specimen,

    As far as I know Gparted is a ISO file,right? how can i burn it? I just want one which is simple and windows server supported.
  11. resize server partition

    Hello Specimen,

    As i know that gparted is a iso file right? how i can burn it? I just want an easy and windows server supported one.
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    You can burn it with commercial tools like Nero, or these free ones:

    The problem with supporting Windows Server only applies to programs that have to be installed in the Operating System, like I said before, Gparted in the LiveCD flavour (the iso) is booted before the operating system (Windows server in this case) for GParted LiveCD the only thing it needs to support is the file system, NTFS.

    Here's a blog post on how to expand a Windows Server 2003 partition of a Virtual Machine (VMWare in this case, but the mechanics are the same) using GParted LiveCD:
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  13. disk copy

    Gparted is freeware and doesn't guarantee to support windows server saftly.
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    It seems I have to constantly repeat myself on this thread in order to destroy these irratonal myths. It's not freeware, it's Open Source (like MacFUSE which Parallels uses on Parallels Desktop for Mac), there's no difference in File System terms between Windows Server and Windows XP, it's NTFS all the same, stop drinking the extortionware makers kool aid. Do a backup of the partition and if anything goes wrong restore it, commercial software doesn't give you any guarantees about doing it safely, read their EULAs, you're on your own, they wash their hands if any problem occurs.
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  15. I used one named EASEUS Partition Master Server Edition , the version was 4.0.1. I found it in google, do we talk about the same? If so, this one maybe to your liking.
  16. Free partition magic alternative

    Hi guys,

    I found some free partition magic alternative, as partition magic stop selling, these free alternatives may you guys.
  17. hi, I think many computer users has meet with problems such as can't partition disk, I had kknow about partition magic from some webs and book, but ,recently, i found a new partition assistant software ,it is really useful!!I suggest you have a look.
  18. my c drive is running out of space and i saw people are recommending easus partition manager, decided to give it a shot.
    i downloaded, and installed.
    i have to say this software offers a nice interface, and easy to use. i just draged the c drive backward, and the free space of d drive is given to c drive.
    i google an article with some screenshots.
  19. Hi

    please let us know for which platform you are looking and you need resize features after installing os or not .


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