Pinnacle Studio 14 not working in Win7

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by hmolen, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    I am running Parallels 5.0.9308 and have installed Pinnacle Studio 14 in Windows 7 Ultimate.
    When I start Studio 14 I get an error message regarding the display driver but it is not clear.
    So, I ran the 3D test of Studio14 and it fails on all 4 ratings.
    This is what it looks like:

    --- General Features ---
    Graphics card: Parallels Display Adapter (WDDM)
    Graphics Driver: prl_umdd.dll -
    Driver Qualification: Unknown vendor/HW

    --- System Rating ---
    Overall rating: Failed
    SD playback: Failed
    SD&Video IO: Failed
    HD playback: Failed

    --- System Validation ---
    On validation: Tests were skipped.

    After this all I can do is close and hope you guys can help me.

    Thanks and happy holidays.
  2. As an addition, the faulty (crashing) program while starting Studio14 is "vfobju.dll".
    I thought maybe this is of interest to solve the issue.
    Cannot find information in Google related to this crash.
    Hope someone can here.
  3. Nobody who has the same problem or anyone from Parallels that has a clue ?
    I know it is Christmas/New Year holidays but still I hope for someone to tell me what is going on.
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  4. Kick, anyone ?
  5. I have discovered that it is the video driver in Parallels that is not recognized by Studio14.
    I am unable to fix this by asking Pinnacle as they are saying that I should contact Parallels for a supported driver for Studio14.
    Can anyone help me now that I dug a bit deeper ?
    Can anyone reproduce this problem, or am I alone ?
    I have 1 CPU active in Parallels and put the Video memory to the max (256Mb) on my iMac.
    I have 512Mb in my iMac but Parallels wouldn't let me address the full 512Mb for some reason.
    I am using the latest build of Parallels5.
    Maybe now someone can answer or respond ?
  6. I-che

    I-che Parallels Team

    Hi hmolen,
    sorry for delayed answer. Please give me some time for clarification.
  7. Thanks for a signal of life ;)
    I am waiting...thanks.
  8. Pinnacle Studio 14 and Parallels 5

    I am having basically the same problem with Studio 14 Ultimate crashing as soon as it is loaded. Waiting for possible solution also.
  9. I-che

    I-che Parallels Team

    Hi NormanZ,
    what is the exact crash? Can you send us problem report from Help menu > Report a problem and submit report ID after application's crash?
  10. I-che,
    Do you want the same from me or is the info provided in this thread enough ?
    Let me know.
  11. I-che

    I-che Parallels Team

    problem report from you will be fine, too.
  12. I have opened a problem report through Parallels.
    Number is: ID: 2319485.
    In the meantime I also upgraded to Parallels build 5.0.9310, nothing changed.
  13. Anything ?
    I have opened a trouble ticket too.
    Thanks for an answer.
  14. same problem - but in XP

    unsupported video driver and just overall unstable. crashes all the time.
  15. Is anyone in Parallels looking at this ?
    I have a problem report posted too, please help, I can use it in XP but only Studio 11, I want to use Studio14 for the extra features.
    Please ?
  16. I-che

    I-che Parallels Team

    Hi hmolen,
    we are checking the issue. What is the ticket number you have at Parallels?
  17. 2319485 see 3 posts back :)
  18. I-che

    I-che Parallels Team

    Hi hmolen,
    this is not ticket number, it's Problem report ID (I thought you raised a problem ticket, but could not find it in our system with your registered email). 2 suggestions:

    1. Please try to do disable 3D Acceleration (Virtual Machine > Configuration > Hardware tab > Video); check how PS 14 works
    2. Try to set video memory to 32 MB (or less) and enable 3D Acceleration
  19. I-che, sorry for the confusion.
    I will try this when I get home tonight.
  20. Same issue

    Hi all: am having same problem with pinnacle 14 and Parallels 5. Running snow leopard 10.6.2 on a Mac pro with latest build of parallels 5. Have 2 processors for guest Os and 6 gb memory alloted. Pinnacle crashes as soon as it is opened because it does not recognize the video driver in Parallels. Just wanted you all to know that this appears to be a universal issue. Hope a solution can be found as my MAC has a RAID set-up and therefore cannot use boot camp.

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