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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by Emulatelepath, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Hi, I am using the new OS X Lion with its Launchpad application launcher. Unfortunately Parallels has cluttered this up with 4 screens worth of Windows applications.

    I want the option to not show any Windows applications in my Lion Launchpad. How can I achieve this?
  2. i would like the same, everytime i launch parallels in lion, i have to goto the applications folder and delete the windows 7 apps folder. gets pretty annoying. i assume there will be an update sometime today or this week since lion most likely hits the app store today.

  3. alev

    alev Parallels Team

    Hello all,

    Please update to build 12094 (already available as update - Parallels Desktop->Check for Updates). We address this problem in this build.
  4. great thanks, i checked earlier today and there was no update. thanks again.
  5. Hey Emulatelepath,

    Make sure you've downloaded the latest version of PD6 which addresses this issue:
  6. Solution

    Go into your User's Applications folder. It's the one inside your home folder, not on the hard drive root.

    Delete the "Windows version Applications" folder.

    Then run the following commands:
    sudo rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/Dock/*.db
    sudo killall Dock

    Note that this will remove all of your custom folders and layouts in the Launchpad.

  7. Thanks Palmzealot, you are good!

    I was using the version 7 Beta and uninstalled it, however all these programs were still showing in the launchpad even when Parallels 7 Beta (latest) was no longer in my mac.
  8. You're welcome!
  9. This fixed the problem for me.

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