The virtual machine is not available

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by pfitchett, Dec 13, 2011.

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    Several times recently after I have shut down Parallels, then later restarted it, the virtual machine list shows red question-marks instead of the start button for most/all virtual machines (9 of them), and when I click the virtual machine name, I get a gray window with an error message drop-down saying:

    The virtual machine is not available.
    The virtual machine's files have been moved or deleted. If the files are on an external device, reconnect the device. You can also remove the virtual machine from the list or manually locate its files.

    The virtual machine files are all available in their original location on an internal raid (mounted and visible in Finder)

    I am using a Mac Pro (2010) with Snow Leopard (10.6.8), and Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac, Build 7.0.15050
    (Revision 707095; October 28, 2011)
    The problem has only been occurring for the past month or so (I think since the last Parallels update)

    Does anyone have any ideas?

  2. Specimen

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    How many volumes (not disks) does the computer have under OSX?
  3. pfitchett

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    The virtual machine is not available - volumes

    I have 9 volumes online in OSX
  4. Specimen

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    Ouch, do you really need that many Volumes?

    Is it correct to assume you have one Volume for each VM? Are these Bootcamp VMs?

    1. If these are Bootcamp VMs the problem is probably in how Parallels enumerates disks and slices which might change between boots, Parallels, unfortunately, doesn't uniquely and permanently identify a drive and might see a different order each time.

    Create a support request directly with Parallels Support stating these facts.

    2 .If they aren't Bootcamp VMs but virtual disks they can be all in the same Volume.

    Anyway, I think the problem is in disk enumeration in Parallels.
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  5. pfitchett

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    Although there are many volumes on the Mac Pro, all the VMs are on a single raid volume

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