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  1. How do I turn off the ads? If I pay for a product I should not be forced to deal with ads. By the way Avast detects your ad loader as a Trojan. Win32:Adloader-AC. Is Parallels using Trojans on its paying and trusting customers?
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  3. I would like to know to, before I write a CNET review blasting the product!
  4. I would also like to know how to turn off those adds. It's extremely annoying! I'm never going to buy anything you add for and if the adds don't stopp soon I am going to uninstall paralles and never buy any of your products again.

    annoyed customer !
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  6. I'd also like to know what's going on here. Why are the responses being given in private? Why not answer them here?
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  8. Would love to know how to disable ads for a PAID product.. I can understand advertising in a free product but a paid product shouldn't have ads or at least an option to disable them without all the secrecy.
  9. I want to know how to get rid of this crap too. Not like we paid for the program or anything. Kind of a bad move to get people to like your product.

    I also think it should be PUBLICLY POSTED not sent in a PM.
  10. Hello,
    please tell me how I can turn off those popup ads when parallels startup. It's extremely annoying.

    Paying customer.
  11. Could you also send me the Super Secret Private Message that allows me to turn of your advertisements?

    I have paid for your product and I like it a lot. But seeing the ads is really turning me off and I'm afraid I might never want to buy anything from you ever again if you continue to advertise to me every time I start up your application. I'm very sensitive to this and I find it extremely rude.
  12. suggested workaround does not work.

    the suggested workaround to not get any further ads is not working! I'm losing patientce with parallels. If I pay for a product I don't want to be bothered with ads as well!!!!! The person from parallels told me not to publish the workaround on the forums. Because that would turn off other important messages. I say that's bullshit! Either you guys get me a working solution or I will band paralles from my harddrive forever!
    Here's a picture of the f***ing add i got today !

    angry customer
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    First of all you are the first person who is saying the solution didn't help.
    Second - did you ever try to click "Do not show again" at the bottom of this add ? just out of curiosity.
    Third - if you have a trouble - the best way is to contact support or Customer service at www.parallels.com/support (and with any other software as well) - cause forum is not an official support tool - users share ideas and possible solutions here
  14. Are you guys @parallels delibrately trying to destroy your companys rep, are you trying to pull a Nokia ? Please quit sending adverts and annoying your hard-working customers. The checkbox at the bottom of the dialog does nothing ... I've checked it every time. Don't send me a PM, I will have to remember to apply this workaround next time I'm going to install Parallels - I want YOU to stop this by turning adverts off by default.
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    Please, dear customers, one more time, if you have any trouble with adds not turning off - this is some kind of misconfiguration issue in your local environment, please contact tech support or customer service team at www.parallels.com/support in order to troubleshoot the issue and request support
  16. I have this same ad and these constant ads from Parallels are driving me crazy. I don't want your advertising on my machine. How do I turn it off? I am a registered customer with Parallels Desktop 7.
  17. I have gotten these too for years now--I always click the "don't show me again" button, but almost every single time I start parallels, I get new ads.

    I really can't believe what a horrible company you are--misconfiguration or not--this is a REALLY REALLY SLEAZY business practice, spamming us with advertisements after we PAY FOR YOUR PRODUCTS.
    I recommend against buying Parallels to everyone I speak with because of these sleazy business practices.
    On top of that, the fact that it is "misconfigured" on so many people's installs makes me really wonder if it is a misconfiguration at all.

    Is there any way to fix this "misconfiguration" without registering my software? I have been buying Parallels since the very early days of Intel Macs, and I'm tired of letting you trace my purchase history by re-registering each new piece of software.
  18. "Thanks for the feedback, but forget it"

    One of the frustrating things about this is the company's seeming reluctance to provide a simple, clear answer. As shown in this thread, they suggest a configuration issue and recommend submitting a support ticket.

    Submitting a support ticket is a bit of a challenge. A list of problem areas is presented for selection, none of which seem relevant. One must also enter the license key for the product purchase, and if purchased online, the order number. All told, that probably took about fifteen minutes of musing and hunting and finding and entering.

    Happily, I did receive a very polite reply, below. Unhappily, the answer is "we cannot turn off the notifications all together within the product at this time." Good grief. Why not just say that to begin with?

    Here's the reply. I've just X'd out my name.

    To: XX
    ReplyTo: reply_to@support.parallels.com
    Subject: [Parallels #1410586] Ads
    Sent: Jul 3, 2012 4:03 AM

    Hello XXXX,

    Thank you for contacting Parallels Customer Support.

    XXXX, we appreciate your input. Your feedback has been forwarded to the Parallels Marketing and Engineering Teams.

    We understand your desire to turn off the in product notification feature of the product. As each notification is displayed, you can choose to not show that again by checking the Dont Show This Again box on the screen, but we cannot turn off the notifications all together within the product at this time.

    We do generally limit the number of notifications monthly to product notifications, updates or special offers that are available to our Parallels customers.

    Please be informed that we have also unsubscribed you from all the promotional e-mails and advertisements sent from Parallels. You should not receive these kind of e-mails in future.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

    Priyanka Jasrotia
    Customer Support
    || Parallels
  19. Thanks! Hope it works!

    Thanks so much - if it *doesn't* work, I'll post back to the thread. Much appreciated!

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