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  1. I cannot figure out how to make two finger swipe on the magic trackpad trigger back/forward in my VM browser.

    Currently, I have Chrome and Safari in OSX Lion going back/forward with a two finger swipe, but it does not work in the Windows VM.

    Any ideas?

  2. Used to work with Snow Leopard, but not with Lion

    Any plans to address this guys?
  3. strells

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    Works fine for me on my MBP. Is this a Magic Trackpad-only issue? Maybe you have to allow the VM to capture the device somehow.

  4. strells

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    Actually, it's 3 fingers to go back and forth in a browser, not 2 fingers.

  5. I have my Magic pad configured for 2 finger swipe between pages (page back / forward) and 3 finger swipe to go between full screen apps (see attached).

    It works great in OSX Lion, but the 2 finger swipe does a horizontal scroll of a window in my Win7 VM rather than a back/forward.

    Any ideas?

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  6. YanaYana

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    Here is the instruction how to enable gestures in virtual machine:

  7. I read the documentation. I already have gestures enabled and I also have Apple remote enabled.

    The key difference is that I have Lion configured to use two figer swipe as page back/forward and three finger swipe configured for switching between full screen apps (see previous attachment). With this configuration, Parallels does not pass the two finger swipe to the VM.
  8. YanaYana

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    What about default settings? they temporary to put settings back to default and check if trackpad works in Windows.

    That put the settings back and submit the Problem report from Help menu --> Report a problem.

    Please remember Problem report ID and post it here.
  9. Submitted the bug report...

    Here's the Case Support Number:

    My swiping fingers are crossed!
  10. JoelRubio

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    How about a fix Parallels? It just simply doesn't work. And really, the only thing not working is the "back" and "forward" swiping. C'mon, guys! If you can make all the other gestures work, why not the back and forward, too.

    Knock, knock... anyone home? The last post here is in March 14.
  11. YanaYana

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  12. JoelRubio

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    Still not fixed in Parallels 8

    Sadly, this is still not fixed even in Parallels 8. Very disappointing!
  13. 50 bucks for a fix

    At this point this would be the only reason for me to upgrade from P7.
  14. JoelRubio

    JoelRubio Bit Poster

    Volker -- they did not fix it. I don't think they know how. LOL. Save your $50! I wasted mine.
  15. Thanks for the heads-up, Joel. Hello Parallels team, I got the money ready for you... just waiting for that illusive fix.
  16. A Workaround

    I followed the instructions and I couldn't get this to work using Mountain Lion and Windows 7 as the guest OS.

    I ended up using a Mac app called BetterTouchTool that lets you set custom gestures per app. I configured it to recognize two-finger swipes in Parallels Desktop and send an alt-arrow keyboard shortcut for back and forward.

    I attached a screenshot of the settings I used. The last gesture in the list is a custom configuration for a three-finger double tap to close the current tab. Just a little something I like.

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  17. Still not fixed in Parallels Desktop 9.

    BetterTouchTool workaround seems to work fine.
  18. Still not fixed in Parallels Desktop 9!?

    Parallels Team - Any official comment?

    thanks in advance
  19. Has two finger swipe been fixed in PD10?

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