unable to compress, less space available on c: drive

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  1. unable to merge snapshots.The C: Drive size was 49 GB but the Windows XP.pvm Size is 136 GB.

    Tried below steps:

    1.Disable smart guard, Tried Deleting the snapshots.

    Unable to delete the 3 snapshots.

    Error-Configuration of file is invalid and cannot be deleted.

    2.Followed the Kb articles given below:



    3.Checked the Parallels Log file.It was around 4MB.

    any suggestion ?

    Need to fixed.
  2. YanaYana

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    Try to create Vm based on the current hdd file. Create new VM without a disk and than in Configuration -> Hardware -> Hard Drive specify the path to current hdd.
    Than start Vm check if it works, shut it down and try to remove snapshots
  3. YanaYana

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