Upgrade PD to 3.0---Network Connection Failed

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  1. At the suggestion of one of the other posters in the forum I attempted to reinstall PD 3.0 without first uninstalling my first attempt. (On a MacBook with VM = WinXP Pro). One problem seens solved by the reinstall: the screen resolution reverted to what I had no the old 'build' which was fine.

    However I still cannot access the internet from the VM which was my main purpose in running the VM in the first place. The 'Network Status' as shown in the OS X prefs. page shows 'Built-in Ethernet' on along with 'Parallels NAT' on with an IP address. 'Parallels Host-Guest' is 'red' and it says "The cable for Parallels Host-Guest is connected but your computer does not have an IP address and cannot connect to the internet". I am totally confused. I access the internet from the Mac side without difficulty.

    Any and all assistance would be gratefully appreciated as I am clueless.
  2. Possible Explanation of Network Failure---SUCCESS!!!

    The Parallels Support guys were fantastic. (Albeit a wait in line). Successful connection to the internet on the VM side basically only required changing the network from 'shared' to 'bridged'. It might not work for everybody but it is worth a try if you have a similar problem.

    Not having received any assistance I Poked around and found the following. 'Network Diagnostics' on the Mac OS X side indicates that my 'network port configuration' for connection to the internet is 'Built-in Ethernet' whereas 'External Modem' is grayed out. Since I believe that I use an external modem to connect to my satellite internet source, I would have assumed that 'Built-in Modem' would have been the selected port. Of course, on the other hand, my Mac is connected to the internet. I remain confused and any and all suggestions would be gratefully received.
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