Virtual Hub/ComboMouse Driver errors (v6.x)?

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by GrayTim, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Since upgrading to Parallels v6.x, I have been getting "New Hardware Found..." messages when booting Windows XP in the Parallels VM. The new hardware is "Virtual ComboMouse" and "Virtual Hub". I initially tried looking for drivers to no avail, so now just cancel through the messages. My mouse behaves fine, and I have only connected devices through the host MacOS.

    Anyone know of this condition? Is these a way to appease Windows so it does not bug me each time I reboot?

    I have a second issue open with Support, where my Parallels virtual machine crashes. On restart, my Windows VM immediately comes up in the same state it was (i.e., no Windows corruption/crash). I'll post this under a separate thread but mentioned it here in case this could be related to the above issue. Don't really think so, but who knows?

  2. If your virtual machine has a USB controller, but you don't use any USB devices (other than keyboard and mouse which can be emulated as PS/2 devices), then remove the USB controller from the virtual machine hardware configuration.

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