Vista Hangs On Boot (crcdisk.sys?)

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Major_Disaster, May 24, 2007.

  1. Hello,

    Ive been having this problem for a while now...

    Ill be running Vista in a VM (with XP as the host) and one day after working normally ill shut it down. Next day i try to boot it up and it will just hang on the loading screen.

    If i try to boot into safe mode, it freezes on loading crcdisk.sys

    Anyone know how to fix this?

    Im using the latest version of parallels, and have tried disabling all but the harddrive in the config.

  2. hey,

    I'm having the same problems.... question, do you use macfuse or NTFS-3G at all?

    EDIT: ack forget that :-| your talking about windows - sorry!
  3. Are you on a Toshiba laptop by any chance?


    ps You are in the Desktop for Mac forum
  4. This site helped me:

    its under computers and crcdisk error


  5. Pleased if you found your solution, but I think there can be other causes.....on my Toshiba laptop the solution was to rename the pcmcia.sys file.

  6. Yeah I would assume that laptop issue would be different from pc issues so may help people with pc crcdisk.sys errors...

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  7. major disaster,
    I am in exactly the same predicament.
    brand new 24" Imac running vista under parallels
    and all of the sudden windows wont boot up.
    safe mode shows it hanging up on crcdisk.sys
    the onlinehowtosite link above says:
    "Safemode locks up CRCDISK.SYS error

    This issue is quickly resolved by pairing your sata devices.
    Example: Hard drive 1 on SATA 1 and Hard drive 2 on SATA 2 then Optical drive 1 on SATA 3 and Optical drive 2 on SATA 4.
    NOTE: It is very important to keep your Hard Drives together and HDD 1 should always be SATA 1"

    My IMAC only has one drive and one optical drive
    and one usb external optical drive
    HOW do I do paring, without being able to get into windows?
  8. Ok all, I Found MY problem
    I have a brand new Lacie SUPER Writemaster USB External Optical drive.
    It is for mac only
    windows wanted it shut off.
    once I shut it off before starting windows, everything is fine.
    Hope this helps somebody.
  9. same solution as above

    I had a wd media center external drive attached (which I had trouble installing drivers for also) and was not hanging on crcdisk.sys when booting in safemode but definitely took a long time while displaying that file on the loading log. I turned off the wd drive and it booted up fine. Going to see if this has something to do with my bios but i doubt it.

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