Visual Studio or ASP.NET run websites from Mac HD?

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  1. Hello,

    I have one (small?) problem, how do I set up Visual Studio (2008) or ASP.NET (or whatever that needs to be setup) so I can run websites from the Mac HD (from a network share).

    I really don't want to copy my projects into the VM everytime I need to make changes to them, and running them over a network share simply doesn't work!

    So I would like to hear, how all of you are running Visual Studio. In other words how are you using VS with Parallels? Where do you save your projects?


    BTW currently I'm running Windows 7 RC Build 7100 on a Boot camp partition and also accessing that with Parallels - but I have also tried Vista which didn't work either!

    If I just could use MacDrive when running in Parallels then all would be good. When I'm using MacDrive in BootCamped Windows it works fine!
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  2. You are wanting to store all of your Visual Studio projects on your Mac side and then just run VS over on the Parallels (and open then via a network share to the Mac side)? If so, this can be done as it is exactly what I do. Finding the solution took me a while but luckily I saved the link to the thread that lead me to getting it all working.

    While this link does talk about the "other" virtual software, the concept is exactly the same and has allowed me to set up this scenario on my Parallels environment.

    Hope this helps,
    Todd B.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion.

    I did give up on all those "mapping" solutions, just couldn't get it to work. I tried everything (that I can think of), adding the mapped drive to InternetZone and so on, no luck.

    Todd: I would really love to see a "step-by-step" solution?

    For a long time I have had success using DropBox. One of the downsides is that my projects now waste hard disk capacity, since all files stored both on the windows partion and on mac partition.

    So I would really like to hear if anybody have better solutions or better alternatives to DropBox (it's limited to 2 GB for a free account).
  4. M. U. - what OS are you using to run your Visual Studio install? I've got it working on both my XP and my Win7 vms. Both were nearly the same steps from what I recall. I'll try to look back at my notes and see exactly what I did to get it all working. There shouldn't be any reason why you can't get your projects/solutions to be stored over on your Mac side and run from a drive mapping. I do this all day every day. But I FULLY understand your frustration as I went through the exact same issues until I found out how to do it. From what I remember, the absolute key to it all was adding the drive to the InternetZone. Post your email address here and I'll try to do some screen shots over the weekend and sent them to you. I remember the entries in the InternetZone had to be juuuuust right in order for it all to work.
  5. Both XP and Win 7 as you.

    Now I have deleted them both and started on a new clean Win 7 installation, so I'm ready for instrustions. I sent you a PM with my email.

  6. I have finally gotten around to creating a set of instructions that show how to run your .Net projects from a Mac drive on your Windows virtual client. The instructions go step by step on the process that works for me and I have make lots of screen shots for each step. If you are interested in the instructions, simply send me an email to: tbanister @ primarycapital dot com

    Take care,
    Todd B.
  7. Internet Information Services

    I have been struggling with this problem for many hours and finally installed IIS on my Win XP Virtual Machine. I can now develop and test web pages using ASP.NET 2.0 in Visual Studio 2005. After installing IIS I had to run aspnet_regiis -i to register IIS. To create a new web page you select HTTP for your location, then click the Local IIS button to display the web server. Then, you can click the Create New Web Application button to create your new web site. This stores the files within this new directory so they are no longer stored on the Mac OS side but at least now I can do the work.

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