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  1. Hi all,

    Does anyone have any experience getting the/a sound or network adapter driver installed while running Windows 3.11 in Parallels? I am having a tough time making it work. I have some old games I want to play in the classic environment.
  2. Video and sound

    I'm trying to do the same in Windows 3.11. Anyone out there to help with video and sound drivers?

  3. windows 3.11 network driver

    Try using the Realtek 8029AS driver. I found a copy here

    Also installed the Microsoft TCP/IP stack which works with DHCP in Parallels.

    This will allow you to access file shares on your Mac using SMB (if you have file sharing turned on in System Preferences) and makes it easier to get files onto the Virtual machine.
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  4. I have just set up WFW 3.11 (I won't go into why!) and I've got 1024x768 256 colours working perfectly, using the patched SVGA driver. But I have two problems:

    1. Windows (or rather, DOS 6.22 underneath) can't see more than 16 Mb memory. I can set Parallels to 32Mb or 64Mb, yet MEM reports a max of 16Mb. This is using HIMEM from both 6.22 and Windows 3.11 and EMM386 set to NOEMS.

    2. I just can't get any sound drivers to work. I've tried Soundblaster and Adlib from 3.11, and I've also tried a few AC'97 drivers for 3.11 that I've found on the web. The AC'97 ones always say that they can't detect the hardware. Parallels is supposed to present AC'97 compatible audio but I just can't get it to work.

    Any ideas?
  5. And just to know (and share with the others), where and how did you manage to get it work?
  6. How did I get the video to work?

    Best thing is to do a search on svgaptch. There's lots of discussion about it with Virtualbox, but it works perfectly under Parallels.

    You need the svga256.drv driver from 3.11 and then you run svgaptch against it to make it (more) VESA compliant. It's limited to 256 colours, of course, but it's better than 16! Ther's another limitation in that a full-screen DOS session will corrupt the video on return to Windows, and there's no way out of that that I can see apart from trying to exit windows blind, using the keyboard.

    Still wondering how to get sound to work, though.
  7. I attempted the Realtek drivers, but WFW boots into a blue screen saying I don't have a Realtek adapter, press any key to continue, and then it boots into WFW (with networking not working).
  8. I finally got it to work using the default Realtek network drivers that came with Windows. I don't know exactly how, but I think I went into the Parallels hardware configuration and removed all the hardware, including network and sound, rebooted, and then readded it. That seems to have helped.
  9. Hi - I don't see any Realtek drivers in the default list for network or sound. Can you be a bit more specific, please? I'm actually more bothered about sound - did you get this to work? I've tried practically all in the default list, plus some others, to no avail. I've removed and re-added the h/w many times. Cheers.
  10. Has anyone managed to get sound working in Windows 3.1 / WFW 3.11? If so, please let us know how you did it.

    I have tried a few drivers with no luck whatsoever. Thanks...
  11. Something new?

    Is there somesthing new on the sound driver for Dos 6 or Windows 3.11?

    Regards, Hanjo

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