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Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by Johnq, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Johnq

    Johnq Guest

    Request for "#1" by User xxx, Client xxx, Address, was not served error code 6.

    Windows 2003 R2 x64 SP2 running inside ESXi 4.1 2x v. 10.1 build 1204

    I get the above error alot from users connecting to publish application over ssl, and so far
    the only solution is to open the console change a setting and change it back hit apply and then it
    works for some hours until the error pops up again, then just do 1 change hit apply in console and
    it all runs again.

    anyone seen anything like this?

    any feedback is much appriciated.
  2. Can you check with version 10.1.1227
    Else if you have the same issue, send some screenshots
  3. Johnq

    Johnq Guest

    The issue still remains, but what i found out is that I can just restart the 2x agent service on the server and it works again, so made a schedule task which restarts the services at a regular interval to keep it at bay.

    Seems like it looses its connection the the server its on and then reports no server to connect to.
    tried to reinstall the agent remove the 2x complete cleanse the registry etc. but it just seems that
    it does not change anything.

    So until i can resolve it the service is on a reboot schedule.
  4. rozenberg


    Hi there,

    Have you upgraded TS agent after 2x ASXG upgrade?
    Also check that all needed ports are available
  5. CarolinaEd


    Fresh download and install, and I get the exact same issue. Restarting the agent on the 2X server works. Single server is my Terminal Server and all of the 2X Server pieces. Using most current 2X client.
  6. woqz


    might be worthwhile contacting 2X Support. Might require some troubleshooting to help you on this

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