10G Network is not supportet it will be nessery to use full speed on new Macs

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  1. fletschi

    fletschi Bit poster

    i have a new Mac Mini with on Intel base.
    it was orderd it with 10 G networkcard adapter.
    i run windows Server in the VMs and need the full speed/preformenc for the Network.
    in the Parallels Hardware is only 1G Network card.
    for me, and the future, will be sure that will be need it to support the 10G networkadapter.
    i hope you can help me soon.
  2. JamesMcDowell

    JamesMcDowell Member

    I have this issue as well. Parallels network support has never been that great. I can get peaks of up to 180mb on my VM, but typically around or below 100. The Mac blazes at about 400mb on the same connection. As 10g is becoming pretty standard on Macs I also hope this is addressed. I've read on line about virtio drivers used in Windows on other platforms (QEMU, Proxmox,) but the Parallels virtio version broke my Win 10 install and I had to roll it back to the 82574L.
  3. My configuration uses 10GigE to connect NAS to three macs, all of which use Win10 on VMs. Only one is Parallels, other two are VMware. Ask me why. One motivation to move 10 % one way or the other is to get the 10GigE speed. Who will be first?

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