12.1 kills ram allocation >8gb for non PRO version?

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by MacSpanner, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. GregG2

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    Just thought I'd send out this update since I was one of the people that was impacted by this money-grab by Parallels that forced my in to a subscription to keep my same functionality. Like most folks, I was given a one year to make up for the "upgrade" killing my VM's. This recently expired and in typical fashion with the new Paralles company, there was no warning. For any and all that this is coming up on, I would encourage you to jump ship and get VMWare Fusion 10 and not look back. It was cheaper than the subscription, has none of the bogus imposed limitations for core count and memory, works VERY well performance / functions wise and is NOT a subscription. It has full support for High Sierra including the MacBook touch bar and nee graphics acceleration. I was able to to Import the Parallels VM w/o a single issue and I felt so good uninstalling Parallels... Very long time customer says good bye, but doubt they care so much...
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    Good for you! I've also been a long time customer and switched to VMWare because of Parallels' policies, price but most notably very rude customer service based in Asia, most probably India, based on person's name. I hope I'll never have to deal with Parallels support again, they don't care about customers, it's all about bottom line! Too bad because they have a good product but I'm not gonna put with rude behavior!
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    This is a lot like when Apple throttled older iPhones when upgrading, under the guise of better battery life.

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