12.1 kills ram allocation >8gb for non PRO version?

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by MacSpanner, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. emiko

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    Welcome to the club of betrayed Parallels users.
  2. JE1970

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    I hope that Andrew takes care and comes back with a proper solution for all Parallel users ...
  3. emiko

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    I doubt very much for he can do something about the situation.

    He is just one of the customer service personnel and not the one who make a major decision like this,
    which has been made in much higher level of the corporate hierarchy.

    All he can do is to offer what he was told to offer, which is essentially a cancellation of permanent license in exchange for one year pro-subscription. And of course, the negotiation must be done behind the closed door to prevent users to get united and make a calss actin.

    Only recourse we can take is to spread the word to the mass and social media to put an external pressure on them.
    Write a message to your favorite high-tech papers and software evaluatin sites. That would be much productive than complaining to the poor customer service personnel here.
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  4. NicolasL1

    NicolasL1 Bit poster

    This is bullshit.
    I updated my Parallels this morning, and poof! I can't start them anymore!
    I may (notice the italic) understand if you did this for a new major version, for instance Parallels 13
    But what the hell are you doing?! I PAID for this Parallels version that was allowing me to have 10 Gigs VMs, and now you deleted one of the features I paid for. If you don't fix this ASAP, I'll be forced to ask Paypal for a refund.
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  5. BarryR

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    Wow! Just wow! In seeing this, do we need to wonder about the ethical mindset of Parallels management? What a bunch of scumbags. I have been in Tech for over 30 years, and I would be absolutely ASHAMED to have my name and reputation associated with "Parallels" management. THIS is the type of management which absolutely KILLS good companies, products, and ideas. I really believe they are going to get sued in Class Action.

    The whole thing makes me nauseous.

    Don't want to move the discussion too much to the following point, as the REAL problem is the business decision in general. But, just some food for thought if we DO go down the path to engage with Parallels in the irrelevant debate: "How were the "standard" versus "Pro" versions determined?

    With that question, I would submit the following:

    1.) Quad-Core i7 has been around since at least 2010 in CONSUMER class Apple Macs
    My iMac from 2010 and my MBP from 2011 BOTH have Quad-Core i7. As also does my 2012 MacMini.

    2.) 16GB RAM has been CONSUMER option also for many years
    My iMac is 32GB, MBP is 16GB, and MacMini is 16 GB
    Point is, 16GB has been Consumer "common" for many years.

    So by limiting the PDM to 4 CPU/8GB, you are NOT just hitting the "PRO" market, you are hitting the consumer market. Additionally, in 2016 and beyond, Quad-Core i7 and 16GB RAM will ONLY be more proliferous. Soon, 32GB RAM will be common.

    I would submit that Parallels' metrics for "Standard" versus "Pro" distinction are obsolete in November 2016, and will only quickly become MORE obsolete in 2017.

    In fact, I would submit that Parallels' metrics for "Standard" versus "Pro" have been obsolete since at least 2013.

    Also, given an even playing field, back in the day...if Parallels only offered a timed subscription for what I need, I would HAVE NEVER selected them over VM Ware.

    PDM IS a great product, but the baggage being created by Parallels' Management decisions caused me to switch. VM Ware Fusion works just as well for me on my MBP 2011 and iMac 2010, and I see no reason to put up with Parallels BS any longer.
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  6. RossM2

    RossM2 Bit poster

    Thanks Guys, I have been working fine with V10 and was just considering the benefits of moving to V12. I will leave well alone now. Thanks again Ross
  7. RafaelE1

    RafaelE1 Bit poster

    I'm also trying this and can't find the "Start Conversation".
  8. emiko

    emiko Member

    I completely agree with you.
    I purchased VMWare Fusion (with Parallels user discount) and working with it since last week.
    Everything is business as usual and I cannot see any difference from Parallels.
  9. TonyS3

    TonyS3 Bit poster

    Wow! trying to send a private message on here is as obscure as Parallels rescue restrictions in the new(ish) Parallels 12.
    I've been pleased to use Parallels on my iMac since version 8 my VM runs Windows and has worked well being allocated 16GB Memory.
    I have been nagged by Parallels for some time now to upgrade my version to latest. Which I did just now! To my regret and cost!!!
    On trying to run my Windows VM Parallels reported that I could not run a 16GB VM as my new version of Parallels 12 NOW limits me to a max 8GB VM
    This really is a disappointment. In fact, IMHO, it is closer to Fraud! A VM limited to 8GB is, for me, of extremely limited use. I do feel Parallels have CONNED me into paying for their upgrade which, if I'd been made away of this new limitation, I would never have purchased.

    I invite staff at Parallels to put this right for me by offering a free upgrade to their new 'PRO' edition, otherwise, I'm afraid I shall be dumping what was otherwise a reasonable product.

    Disappointingly yours
    Tony Southwood
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  10. NateH1

    NateH1 Bit poster

    I have been a Parallels client since Desktop 8 (which I purchased in 2012). Nowhere was it clearly stated I would lose functionality by being restricted to 8gb or ram and 4 cpu when I upgraded... This is the most unethical bait and switch I have seen from a company in quite a while. I will not be purchasing upgrades in the future and instead and going to give my money to a competitor (VMware). Way to go, you have lost another client to this. Oh, and might I add that if this is not remedied fairly soon, my American Express has 3 years buyers protection and will have no problem having them charge back the upgrade...
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  11. FredUntu

    FredUntu Member

    Hi Guys,

    To all you complaining about this restriction, I simply cannot see why you do so !

    When Parallels 12 was released, I took the "Trial Version". Installed it. I have been asked to chose what version I would like to try. In that page, it is CLEARLY stated that the "Personal Edition" will limit your use to 4 vcores and 8GB vRAM.
    Even though I did not believed it, I then remembered that Parallels already show it's greed some time ago. It was when Parallels 10 (or 11 ?) was released. They claimed to whom was listening, that Parallels Desktop 9 would not be compatible with the soon to be released MacOs. And thus they urged you to upgrade ASAP... But when MacOS was released, everyone could see that the previous version pa Parallels was FULLY compatible with it !!!

    Anyways : as soon as I've seen this, I looked for an alternative product. I am running virtualization software on my Mac Pro which has 24 cores... and I allocate 16 of them to the VM for when it's needed.
    As I compile Android ROM's for fun, I can't live with 8GB and 4vCores.
    Of course I could decide to pay each year for the Pro version. And at the moment, it's 49$ to do so...

    Yes, of course... right now it is 49. But let me make a prediction. Next year, the "Pro Upgrade" will be 79$ ; in 2 years it will be 99$ and in 3 years it will be 129$...

    I would strongly encourage people NOT TO UPGRADE for one, and to give VMWare a try. You can do so for a whole month (not those 14days Parallels so generously offers !).
    I already wrote them to ask if they could make the switch from PD to VMWare Fusion easier... Waiting for their reply :)

  12. emiko

    emiko Member

    Those of you who requested Paralles to switch from standard edition to pro version, be careful !!
    Pro version is subscription only and your standard edtion license will be annuled when you make a switch.

    If you decided to give VMWare a shot,
    the simplest way to make a transition from Parallels is to use integrated virtual machine import function.
    I imported Linux and Windows 10 without any issue.
    For Windows 10,
    just run this command in terminal in your virtual Windows 10 before shut it down normally:
    shutdown /s /t 0
  13. FredUntu

    FredUntu Member

    Hi Emiko,
    Hum... I've tried, but it tells me that the machine cannot be imported :-(
    What am I doing wrong ?
  14. KeithA2

    KeithA2 Bit poster

    Parallels had a great brand in my view before this so I hope they rectify this RIGHT AWAY. I did their unnecessary upgrades year on year, but this is just upsetting that they'd slip in such a change on loyal customers. This may in fact be the worst software update in Mac history and I've been doing Macs since 1984 with the Mac XL and 128k Mac. The only thing I can think of more insane was the release of the new Macs with larger memory support without 32 bit support until you drop in Mode32. Across the PC realm in general this is up there with SoftRAM 95 as far as absolute BS. This has Class Action written all over it you would think. I'll keep checking for updates to see if they fix this thing in the next few days.
  15. emiko

    emiko Member

    What are you trying to import?
    Windows 10?
    Did you type that command line in terminal to shut it down COMPLETELY before importing?
    Alo, try uninstall Paralles Tools before importing VM.
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  16. JE1970

    JE1970 Bit poster

    That morning I have received an "offer" from parallels that I will receive a free year of PD Pro Version for the inconvience caused. It's really a pity how they treat their (longterm) customers. I was using parallels now for years but now I guess I'll need to seek for alternatives.
  17. PhilippeL1

    PhilippeL1 Bit poster

    Ok I update from the version 10.0 to 12 and I've lost :
    - the nested solution (I used to test some hyper-v or ESXI solution), I add to downgrade to the 10.0, I'm working now on ESXI actually
    - second I have to use an amount of ram over 4 GO.
    It's unnormal without any notes before.
    I will move to VMware, it's sure now,
  18. emiko

    emiko Member

    BE CAREFULL taking this offer - you will have to give up permanent license in exchange of one year subscription.

    Here's a list of the Paralles alternatives.
    1. VMWare Fusion
    48 Euro [currently 35 Euro for a limited time] permanent "personal (means you can install on more than one Mac you own)" license for former Prallels users.
    I highly recommend this. With 30 days free trial to test it out.

    2. Oracle VertulaBox
    Free, but many bugs. External USB drive connection in particular does not work very well.
    Try not the latest, but the older ver 5.0 (still works in Sierra), which is relatively bug-free.

    3. Veertu (for Mac)
    Free but $40 paid version required to install VM from iso image.

    4. Urge Software Wineskin Winery (for Mac)
    Free, but I have not tried it yet.

    Please Google them since I am not allowed to post any third party product link here.
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  19. emiko

    emiko Member

    I just tried out their latest PhotonOS optimized for VMWare.
    Deployed web server module from Docker Hub.
    It worked like a charm and I got a web server up and unning in less than 20 minuts, amazing!
  20. DougP

    DougP Junior Member

    For those people looking to switch to VMWare I have just noticed that they have 30% off for the next few days - a permanent licence is around 35 Euro.

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