120Hz for Linux?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop on a Mac with Apple silicon' started by Zshrc, Nov 16, 2021.

  1. Zshrc

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    The new M1 Pro/Max devices include a 120Hz screen. It seems to be working well with Windows VMs, but has anyone gotten it working with Linux VMs?
  2. Zshrc

    Zshrc Member

    Managed to figure it out in case anyone else was trying to...
    This is a fullscreen VM on a 16 inch M1 Pro running Ubuntu 20.04 in Xorg. Also works in CentOS 9 Stream.
    $ cvt 4112 2572 120
    $ xrandr --newmode (everything after "Modeline" from above command)
    $ xrandr --addmode Virtual-1 4112x2572_120.00
    $ xrandr --output Virtual-1 --mode 4112x2572_120.00
  3. YousufS

    YousufS Bit poster

    The 1st command worked for me but not the 2nd one. This was the output:

    parallels@ubuntu-linux-20-04-desktop:~$ cvt 4112 2572 120
    # 4112x2572 119.99 Hz (CVT) hsync: 330.80 kHz; pclk: 1916.00 MHz
    Modeline "4112x2572_120.00" 1916.00 4112 4496 4952 5792 2572 2575 2585 2757 -hsync +vsync
    parallels@ubuntu-linux-20-04-desktop:~$ xrandr --newmode
    xrandr: failed to parse '(null)' as a mode specification
    Try 'xrandr --help' for more information.

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