2.5 update seems to only have 2.0 features

Discussion in 'Parallels Toolbox for Mac' started by scrags, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. scrags

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    I upgraded to Toolbox 2.5 for Mac. Although it says it's 2.5, it doesn't seem to be. For example, there is no Free Memory app. There is no Screenshot Page option (and there is no ability to add this feature to the Safari toolbar). I had similar problems when I upgraded to 2.0. Tech support had me do the following, which worked at the time but does not solve this problem. Also, when I look at the package contents of the 2.5 download, it shows the Free Memory app. But it doesn't show up in the working Toolbox. If I double click the app in the installer package it says I need an active subscription. If I go to my account at Parallels.com it show that I have an active permanent subscription to Paralllels 13 and Parallels Toolbox for Mac. Here's what worked the last time, but not this time:
    1. Quit (Force Quit) Parallels Toolbox in Activity Monitor.

    2. Launch Terminal and execute: sudo rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.parallels.toolbox

    3. Once the command above finishes executing, close the Terminal and reboot the Mac.

    4. Download and install Toolbox 1.7.0: http://www.parallels.com/directdownload/toolbox/

    If the issue still persists, please contact us back immediately.

    We appreciate your time and consideration.

    Shathish Anandan
    Customer Support
    || Parallels
  2. Danil@Parallels

    Danil@Parallels Staff Member

    Hello scrags, the new tools coming with 2.5.0 are available to Parallels Toolbox and Parallels Desktop subscription users only (http://kb.parallels.com/123955). As I see you have a perpetual, not a subscription license for Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac, therefore you are not seeing the new tools. Thanks, Danil
  3. Grandpa Jim

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    I have same question. How do I use "Screenshot Page" feature that was promoted in the 2.5 announcement?
    There seems to be a word game going on here. Told feature only available if you had a "subscription". I clicked on link and signed up for subscription.
    I got this response in email... but still can't access? Do I require a "subscription license" to use it? What is a "subscription license"?
    "You're receiving this email because you signed up with this email address to subscribe to Parallels Knowledgebase kb.parallels.com.
    To confirm your subscription click on: http://kb.parallels.com/subscriptions/index.html?SubscribeHash=0b17bc99030bb4bf3df160200e00bef9.
    To manage your subscription preferences click on: http://kb.parallels.com/subscriptions/index.html?Email=jheyer1233@aol.com.

    Subscription properties:
    Type: Updated articles
    Article: any
    Product: Parallels Toolbox for Mac
    Category: any"
  4. Danil@Parallels

    Danil@Parallels Staff Member

    Hello, there are two types of Parallels Desktop for Mac licensing models: 1-time purchase and a subscription. The differences between the two models are described here: http://kb.parallels.com/122929
    The new tools are available for users having a subscription based license for Parallels Desktop and Parallels Toolbox, see http://kb.parallels.com/124169 for additional details.
  5. Grandpa Jim

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    This looks like a classic Bait and Switch!!! I've had Parallels Desktop for Mac for years. Usually buying new versions when they seem to come out every year. Now you say I need to buy something else to get the features you advertised for Tools. When I go to the links you gave, nowhere do I find what it would cost to convert the License version I now have, to a "subscription" version. Most disappointing to find you resorting to tactics like this!
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  6. ScottS17


    I had a similar situation today and reported it to support. I also agree this is a game of word semantics. As a long time user of parallels, I've spent my last dime on Parallels anything. I regularly upgrade my desktop product and own three macs so normally purchase multiple licenses. This is infuriating and a huge disappointment from a company I had come to respect and stick with. When I look at my licenses, it clearly says "Subscription" and permanent license so some marketing guy figured it would be cute to tease customers with new features then force yet another purchase to enable them. Sorry Parallels, you just lost my business.
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  7. kingofsquid

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    I called Parallels about this today. The rep said there's no way to convert a "permanent" license to a subscription (to access the new tools in Parallels Toolbox) other than purchasing a new license for Parallels Desktop. Ridiculous.
  8. Grandpa Jim

    Grandpa Jim Bit Poster

    Agreed. I'm going to start looking at other emulators. VM Ware Fusion maybe?
  9. ThomasD9

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    As far as I understood, the additional TB features are available only for customers with a subscription license.

    Well, my account subscription details page says, that I own a permanent subscription. However the new features are not visible for me ...
  10. ThomasD9

    ThomasD9 Bit Poster

    Any idea?

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