2009 13" MacbookPro and Parallels (very bad combo)?!

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by jonathan_david, Nov 22, 2012.

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    i have had parallels installed (now i am on 8?) since buying my mid 2009 MBP and have never gotten any performance out of either parallels or out of the machine.

    parallels appears to take ages to start and once it does it appears to run very slow and "hickuppy". every now and then parallels tools drops off and i have to reinstall it. early in running the software with this machine i got the prl_vm running at 100+% of CPU and overheated machine and hard blowing fans etc.

    i finally put a full 8 GB (max i can put in) into this machine and still no relief.

    first i ran the RAM setting at 2 GB then i tried 3 GB now i am at 3.5 GB.

    does anyone know if these two are just not meant to work together?

    or is it absolutely necessary to turn off all Mac OS items before starting Parallels and to turn of Parallels before using any OS software??!!

    i am about to cut bait with this combo but i am a bit curious to know what i have been working with after spending all my time and money.


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