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    I have installed a 2X HTML5 Gateway. This works all fine, but one thing still won't do as I aspected it.

    The documentation says:
    o start your session please do the following:
    1. Click on the “Default Connection” under 2X Connections.
    2. Insert credentials when prompted to authenticate to the Default Connection for
    2X HTML5 Gateway and click login.
    3. If authentication was successful, the applications are listed as shown below.

    When I do this, insert the user + pw credentials, insert the terminal server for the desktop and I try many ports:
    80, 443, 3398 - nothing works.

    Is there a trick, or have I forgotten something?
    If I try RDP nativ via the HTML5 Portal, everything is working fine.
    Only the 2X Connection makes trouble.

    Thanks and Greetings
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    When you change the server name for the 2X Connections, make sure that the server is the one where you installed the 2X ApplicationServer XG on, NOT the one where the actual terminal server (unless they are one and the same).
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    The construct is:

    We habe a terminal server in the LAN | The 2X App Server with the HTML5 Gateway in the DMZ.
    Via 2X Agent the terminal server and the 2X communitcate. That's all fine and with the Client Software it works finde.

    The thing is:
    Where is the config file to tell the HTML Gateway - that the default connection ist not "localhost" rather the IP of the terminal server. When I do this manually it works, but I don't want to insert these values every time.

    The goal is, the users only type in the credentials and can log in.

    The second new goal is, that the RDP selection is disabled.

    Is there some kind of XML or HTML file or INI file to edit (the config.ini is not a choice, because the edition crashes the htnl5 service under windows services).

  4. to-mx

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    We found something now what works for us.

    In one of the java script files, we find the variables which are nessasary to change the default settings.
    The config.ini should do that nativ, but we have some trouble.

    This is for sure not the recommended way, but it works!

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