2X RDP V12.0.2260 Stops Cloud Portal Printing

Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Mac' started by MikeMemme, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. MikeMemme

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    The latest version of the 2X Client has added 2X Universal Printing for the Mac. Unfortunately 2X Universal Printing is not working on my MacBook Pro running Yosemite.

    When using the 2X RDP Client, the Printer settings can be changed back to Microsoft basic Printing Redirection technology to get things working again.

    When using the 2X Cloud Portal, the printer settings default to Universal Printing so I can no longer print from my Mac.

    When using the 2X Cloud Portal, the local drives settings default to "No Drives" so I can no longer access local drives like I used to.

    When using the 2X Cloud Portal, the Redirect URLs to this computer default is unchecked so I can't redirect URLs to the browser on the local machine.

    Is it possible to change the default Connection Properties used by the 2X Cloud Portal when using a Mac? Without this, Cloud Portal access from Macs is useless. The latest lost of printing functionality eliminates the 2X Cloud Portal as an option for our Mac users.

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