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    Good Day,
    We use the 2x Client for windows extensively, and updated recently to v15 with eager desire to take advantage of the newer interface and better layout for settings boxes.
    However, we found it unusable.
    When we opened our existing 2x saved connections, it scrambled them. We have them sorted by department/host/server and the like, and it literally scattered our careful arrangements into the winds.
    Thinking it was just a conversion, one of my team spent about 2 hours re-sorting everything and re-filing the 100-200 RDP connections we have saved back to where they belonged and exported that file.
    We then closed and reopened the 2x client and all was good, and we re-imported to make sure the file was ok.
    All was good until a reboot. At which point, the list re-scrambled even worse than last time.

    We tried re-importing the export we did, and it just scrambled those. We re-imported it into a v14 version of the tool and it looks fine, so we are removing your product until this bug is fixed.

    Organization of a large number of servers is a critical function, and to have the system just randomly scramble your saved settings makes it hard.
    Especially with the change you made to the header.
    1) the header size should be variable, throwing the 'search' all the way to the right was counter productive, as that was the only thing we used the header for..
    2) making the search only search the sub-folder of the server you last happened to click in was also counter-intuitive, as by default we want to search for our search string in 'everything' first, and in a specific folder only if we decide that. (esp with our servers scrambled!)..

    So between the un-intuitive way search now works and the scrambling of the saved connections, the products usabilty in 15 is now a -10 on a scale of 0 to 10.
    And yes, this is a little harsh, but breaking basic functionality is a cardinal sin and never should have made it past QA.

    We'll re-test once you have released a bug fix, but until then, we'll work with 14 which works flawlessly as an RDP client.

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