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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Neuron, Apr 8, 2006.

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    Shubb, have you tried turning off sound and USB to see if that reduced your CPU load?

    Testing on a friends 3.0 demo:

    * Fresh start of XP, no running apps: parallels uses 13% (V2.5 uses ~11%), But it is quite variable.

    * Windowserver goes up to 100% use once in a while, OS X mouse (outside the VM) loses control / jumps about. Cannot use OS X at all while this happens, even app switching stops working.

    * Paused and hidden, Parallels uses 2.6% CPU (V2.5 I got down to 1.3% with turning sound support off).

    Generally performance is not too great in my very cursory 2nd-hand experience -- just playing an MP3 for example shot CPU up to ~48% in the host!!!
  2. shubb

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    Yeah, I have tried that and it helps, but that is a workaround, not a solution to the problem.
  3. Rachel Faith

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    This 3.0 is the biggest HOG of RAM I have ever seen in any app PERIOD. Its nearly UNUSABLE and takes 20 Minutes to BOOT when that green disk light will finally SHUT OFF.


    I should have NEVER upgraded....
  4. kououken

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    GoogleTalk one possible culprit

    Just thought I'd share my experience with the cpu activity problem, in hope that it might help someone working on the problem.

    I'm running a WinXP guest on the Mac Mini Core Duo, and have always had between 30-40% cpu usage from parallels; this spread out evenly between the two cores, but still 30-40% total. Disabling USB, Network, etc troubleshooting, never lowered the usage more than about 5%, but one thing that did make a huge difference was Google Talk.

    WinXP Idling without google talk running = Parallels at 7%

    WinXP Idling with google talk running = Parallels at 35%

    Even though task manager says the processor is near 0%, parallels is burning up 35% of two cores dealing with google talk (in my case at least). Logging off or disabling network connections didn't make a difference. As long as Gtalk was up, so was cpu usage.

    Not sure if this helps to solve the problem, but thought I'd share. Can anyone else confirm this?
  5. mmischke

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    Same here. I disabled USB & sound and was seeing ~7.2% utilization at idle with 3188 (XP image). Now I'm seeing ~10.1% with 4128. Virtualization will always have some overhead and I'm pretty happy with these numbers.
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    shubb: I didn't mean to imply the workaround was acceptable ;-)

    Rachel: If you backed up your VM, you can roll back to V2.5... Not everyone is experiencing these issues either. Are you using a bootcamp partition or stright VM? And RAM usage appears much improved in V3.0 in the little I tested it, much better than V2.5 - the problems I saw were clearly CPU related.
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