3186 and unexpected shutdowns

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by greg1075, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. Hugh Watkins

    Hugh Watkins


    no not since I got off the beta stuff

    may be twice in 6 months then

    Hugh W
  2. steve


    Well, I specifically stayed away from the beta's and upgraded when it went GA (3186) from 1970. Now I am getting spontaneous crashes. Again, no beta's between.

    This definitely irks me.
  3. greg1075



    I'm not surprised. First I didn't think that "most" people experiencing crashes with 3186 had run betas prior. Just like I don't believe that 3186 crashing - for those who did upgrade from a beta version - has anything to do previous those betas leaving any remnants or "bad files" or whatever you want to call it...nor do I think that upgrading any programme from a beta version should pose any problem. This is all bull if you ask me. Stability has been a growing issue since 1970, plain and simple. And as for as I am concerned, if you don't have that basic quality in a computer programme, you don't have a product.
  4. steve


    Any luck with 3188?
  5. lithe951

    lithe951 Bit Poster

    Count me in. I'm just like Steve, I avoided the betas completely and upgraded directly from 1970 to 3186, making sure to upgrade the tools as well. I have now crashed twice in 3186, just quits completely, no warning at all. It NEVER crashed in 1970.

    Both crashes seemed to be javascript-related. Both times I was running a browser (Firefox once, IE7 once) and clicked on a javascript function on a web page (one automated popup, one graphical list button), and boom! No more Parallels. Knock on wood, I've restarted and the VM seems fine.

    I will send this to support.

  6. Purplish

    Purplish Kilo Poster

    I have experienced 3 kernal panics and at least two sudden shutdowns.

    The only common thread that I can see is that I was starting up the VM in coherence mode.
    If I start up the VM in windowed mode, it seems a lot more stable, even if I later switch to coherence. I am not sure if this is the solution, but I'll stick with it until I see a better idea.
  7. jsteinhu


    A javascript dependency to your problems points heavily towards a messed up windows install. Perhaps it is coincidence that it happened at same time you upgraded, maybe something went wrong during the upgrade unrelated to parallels. A tactic that might be worth your time is to save a copy of the whole VM immeditally after a fresh windows install (and updates) so that you can easily do clean tests.
  8. lithe951

    lithe951 Bit Poster

    I just crashed a third time today, also running a web page with heavy javascript in IE7. Also the first crash was in coherence mode, but second and third have been in windowed mode. I don't think it has anything to do with coherence. I can't wait until I am outside this firewall and can access the pages I need from the Mac side. I'm avoiding web pages in Windows like the plague now.
  9. MicroDev


    I upgraded from 1848 directly to 3186. I have not noticed any problems in any mode except that the start menu does not work from the dock icon. I upgraded (today) to 3188. In each case the upgrade went smoothly, I was prompted to update the Parallel Tools, and the apps all seem to work well.

    Most of what I do is database and web application development so I only run Windows browsers for testing purposes. I can't say that anything has crashed more often on my Mac than on any of my Windows desktop PCs.

    I know this doesn't help solve many peoples problems, but I can attest to a stable 3186-3188 platform.
  10. harry33


    paralles quit and I lost few applications forever

    Since I installed 3188 parallels quit and the runnig application with it. I have to reinstall this application again. The best version was built 3170 and i regret to make the proppsed upgrades. My ram is just 312Mb and when I want to increase it the system told me 312 is the max. I have 2Gb ram on my imac

    i'll appreciate some advices
  11. jhorwitz


    What do you mean by manual uninstall and reinstall? Is this different than uninstalling from Add/Remove Programs and installing from the Actions menu of Parallels? Also, how do you turn the auto coherence mode off, and how do you restart it?
  12. upsman92


    3188 shutsdown on me
  13. Eru Ithildur

    Eru Ithildur

    Try tidying up your computer with a utility like Onyx.

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