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    If I shut down my Windows machine (in Parallels using Boot Camp partition) and quit Parallels, then re-start, I get an error that "Parallels cannot locate the Boot Camp Partition". I then click on the start button in Parallels, and the Windows Boot Camp Partition starts up. Parallels requires authentication (MAC user name and password) before Windows will start. Upon Windows booting up, a warning that the "Parallels Tools are being installed..." appears. The message disappears without installation of of the tools (which have already been installed - automatically and manually), and Windows starts and runs normally.

    It appears that the installation of Parallels was not completed...and it is again trying to install the tools.

    Any ideas?

    MacBookPro 2.33, OS-X 10.4.9, Windows XP SP2
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    Hello chriskrogers,
    Here are answers to your questions:
    1. About "Unable to open disk image BootCamp" problem - we know about it and try to fix
    2. Parallels need password to unmount BootCamp partition because BootCamp demands it
    3. Message is "Parallels Tools are being initialized..." not "installed". We need to show this message every time you running VM because if you stop or restart your VM before Tools full initialization you may lose all data on BootCamp partition.
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